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How to avoid LinkedIn employment scams

Your Better Business Bureau warns jobseekers to be aware of scammers posing as recruiters and exploiting the website

Scammers create fake LinkedIn profiles and disguise themselves recruiters by sending messages that contain a link to obtain your personal information. The website that the link leads to looks legitimate, but then requests bank account information and other personal details. This information is then used to commit identity fraud and financial theft.

How to avoid a scam:

  • Ensure that you know each and every connection you add on LinkedIn, don’t just add anyone, even if their profile looks legitimate. Before connecting, double check out their profile and connections. If you have doubts about their legitimacy, do not add them.
  • Remember that you will never be asked to pay for a legitimate job. If a ‘recruiter’ contacts you about an opportunity and requests that you pay for training or materials in advance, it would probably be a good idea to block them. A real employer will never ask you to pay to work or provide your personal bank account information.
  • Be wary of work-at-home jobs. Legitimate work-at-home jobs are few and far between, so be cautious when you find these postings. Be sure to check their references and talk to some of their employees.
  • Search for the recruiter’s picture on Google images. Scammers often use a fake, generic photo and you can most likely find the photo elsewhere online.
  • Insist on talking to them on the phone. If a recruiter contacts you via message, request to speak on the phone. If they seem to avoid your phone call or won’t give you their number, consider that a red flag.

If you find yourself a victim of this scam, immediately change your passwords and notify any accounts that may be tampered with. Report the scam to LinkedIn to have the account shut down and to BBB Scam Tracker to help warn others from falling for this scam.

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