How the best design recruiter in the USA finds the top 1% of designers

With over two decades of recruiting experience, Judy Wert, shares her top advice for finding the cream of the crop

Judy Wert is the co-founder of Wert & Company, a leading international executive search firm specialising in design – for top-tier start-ups and Fortune 500 corps. In this High Res podcast, she shares how she’s been recruiting the best designers for over two decades, what she sees in the top 1 percent of designers she’s worked with, and how an internal database they created is helping to understand how design has changed over the years.

Wert reveals there are two traits that weave their way to the top the best. The first is the mastery of their craft. Whatever craft it is, the best of the best own it and are determined to perfect it. The second is the mastery of themselves. Specifically, Wert says the ability to be self-reflective and the control of their exuberance is key. “A little is okay, but a lot is going to trip them up at some point.”

Before LinkedIn entered the recruitment world as a top talent search engine, the only solution to creating a network of potential recruitment leads was to build a database on your own. Wert & Company did exactly that and now have over 20 years of information from some of the best minds in the business. She even has a fun little anecdote on Airbnb Founder Joe Gebbia from a note written back in 2007.

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