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4 Great ways companies can recruit better technical talent

Hiring top technical talent can make or break your company's success

Today’s IT leaders are prioritising improving their systems to increase business efficiency in the coming year. Whether they depend on an ecommerce platform, an app, or more complex systems, hiring the right technical experts can make or break operations. As Malcolm Forbes famously said, “Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do.”

However, it can be super challenging to find capable IT professionals who will flourish in their role.  Companies are now turning to various solutions to help them to find better potential technical hires because of this.  Here’s how you can revamp your hiring approach with these creative, tech-driven solutions.

  1. Code Assessments

Code Assessments are a fantastic way to assess the competency of developers and programmers, as this is difficult to decipher from a CV or interview.

Nathan Doctor, founder and CEO of coding assessment company explains, “Many hiring processes lean heavily on resumes, pedigree, candidates interviewing skills and interviewers biases, Qualified coding assessment refocuses onto what really matters – real-world coding performance.”

By analysing a candidate in real-world coding situations, companies are better equipped to select a new employee.

Doctor continues, “Code assessments evaluate candidates based on real software development skills in a modern coding environment, which results in hires with high on-the-job performance. Skills-based hiring implements consistent process and objective standards so companies can make data-driven decisions.”

  1. Virtual Interviewing

Interviewing candidates using online software opens you up to literally a world of potential hires. According to tech industry veteran Sheeroy Desai, “In the coming year, we should see many employers step up their talent acquisition efforts to focus on remote workers or locations.”

As a result, these companies will be looking for virtual solutions like video interviewing platforms to help improve the quality of their recruiting efforts. While some companies use free tools like Skype and Google Hangouts, many are turning to paid solutions to help create a higher quality experience for applicants.

  1. Enhanced Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems haven’t necessarily made a great name for themselves as many have proven to not be user-friendly and therefore time-consuming.  Some technical issues even cause the system to ‘drop’ potential candidates and you may miss out on a great hire.  Fortunately, a growing number of ATS providers are incorporating more sophisticated AI and adopting a more candidate-centric approach.

Recruiting expert, Louis Song shared in a CNBC report “This wasn’t the case two to three years ago, but AI and machine learning have significantly improved recruiting software capabilities.” In fact, many are rebranding themselves as “candidate relationship management software”. As a result, companies can rely on these systems to provide quality candidates without the fear of others being dropped due to a system error.

  1. Revamped Recruiting Mindsets

Jeff Mills, hiring expert, says “Break the mold of how you think recruiting should operate.”

Thinking outside the box when recruiting will enable you to find more qualified technical talent, at better rates, and potentially with less effort.

Leveraging the tools and strategies in this piece will support your company by improving its performance and help it to develop more effective technical teams.

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