Maybots and gothic chancellors descend on parliament as GMB calls for budget to give workers hope

Chancellor Philip Hammond to remove the public sector pay cap in today's Budget

GMB union’s Maybots will be joined by a Gothic Chancellor and head to Parliament this morning to call on the Government to provide working people with hope in today’s Budget statement.

The sinister group will gather at College Green from 9am, before heading to the Treasury for 9.45am to protest the ongoing public sector pay cap that has seen the average public sector worker lose £9,000 since 2010.

GMB is calling on Chancellor Philip Hammond to remove the public sector pay cap in today’s Budget as part of its campaign to end the public sector pay pinch.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary for Public Services, said:

“Today the Chancellor can end seven years of misery for our 5.5 million public sector workers. 

“Seven years where they’ve had their real terms pay slashed, leaving them forced to use food banks which struggling to pay the rent and feed their families.

“People are sick to the back teeth of austerity – while the richest in the country enjoy tax cuts.

“If this Government can find £40 billion to leave the EU, and £1.5 billion to keep themselves in power – they can find the money to lift the pay cap for our millions of public sector workers”

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