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How to inspire your people in the mid-Brexit world

Whether in favour of Brexit or opposed, the decision has catalysed a nationwide change

Employers, employees and recruiters across a variety of industries have had to carefully consider their roles and futures; in a time of such uncertainty, it can be easy for a workforce to feel overwhelmed. This can drain energy levels and confidence, and leave them feeling uninspired whatever their role.

A motivated, positive workforce is also a productive one, ready to adapt creatively to changes, challenges and new directions. As a result, these trying times can become some of the most crucial ones in business, allowing you to stand out from competitors that may have become discouraged and left behind.

By incorporating some of the following suggestion, you can ensure that your workforce stays positive, motivated and inspired in the turbulent mid-Brexit world.

Define your purpose and set your goals

During times of uncertainty, it becomes more important than ever to define your business and what you want to achieve. The outside world may be unpredictable and unknowable; however, your business does not have to be. Carefully consider what you want to achieve moving forward, both in the short and long term.

It can be helpful to do this collectively by asking for feedback, thoughts and suggestions. This does not signify weak leadership; instead, it shows that you are collaborative, respectful, and value the input of your workforce, which is more likely to put effort into goals that it feels involved with. Once you have defined your purpose overall, set clear goals and targets.

Stay accountable

Once the goals and targets are set – along with a timescale for achieving them – be sure to regularly check their progress. Stay accountable and transparent. Get feedback, and hold regular meetings to identify potential problems before they develop and to celebrate successes, however large or small they may be.

Be distinctive

Your company may be offering a familiar product or service, but consider carefully how you differ. Perhaps you pay special attention to customer service, quality, or design innovation. Whatever your unique selling point, be sure to highlight and celebrate it going forward.

In times of uncertainty, it can be tempting to blend in with the crowd and move the same way as the general tide; however, a time of change is truly an opportunity to learn and adapt. It is very refreshing to see confidence, leadership and positivity in times of change, so always lead by example.

Make communication easy

Times of upheaval can be exciting, but they can also lead to widespread doubt and fear. This is true of the workforce at any level. It can be helpful to ensure that your workforce knows it is supported. Your people should feel free to ask questions, raise concerns, or even request additional guidance and help.

Be sure to reiterate how they should contact management or other members of staff in support roles who can discuss their concerns with them.

You could also consider holding focus groups or sessions in which everyone can feel free to express their concerns without feeling alone or that there is anything they need to hide.

When communication is made easy and normal, the workforce feels more connected, supported and inspired.

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