Headhunter reveals 4 words that will make your job application stand out

Just one short sentence will significantly improve the chances your application will stand out from the crowd

Nick Corcodilos, who has worked as a headhunter since 1979, has been assisting job applicants with helpful tips on his website “Ask The Headhunter” since 1995.  Most importantly, failing to state that you actually want the job you’re applying for suggests that you’re simply not interested enough in working for the employer.

In an article for the American TV channel chain PBS, he revealed one short sentence will significantly improve the chances your application will stand out from the crowd: you just need to make it clear that you want the job.

“Failure to say you want the job indicates you don’t have enough interest in working for the employer,” Corcodilos writes, “It’s a deal-breaker. ”

You may think that applying for the job shows you have expressed enough interest that you actually want it – so why should you reiterate again that the job should be yours?

Corcodilos goes back to a sales executive who was looking for a job and who argued with him that it’s inappropriate to state clearly that one wants the job. He maintained that making such an explicit statement is awkward and that “it suggests the candidate has no class.”

Corcodilos says: “What he didn’t realise is that employers usually value motivation and enthusiasm as much as expertise — if not more. And they want to hear it.”

“I want this job.” These four words are one of the simplest and most basic requirements for an application, according to Corcodilos.

Also, he says the best way to say this, is face to face.

“I want this job. I hope I’ve convinced you that I can do the job and that I can do it well. I want to work on your team and would take a job offer from you very seriously.”

That’s the only way Corcodilos says you can stand out from the crowd.

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