Does the future of employment practise lie in Blockchain technology?

With humans being the masters of Blockchain, we can use it to our advantage to accelerate human performance

Could these ‘new technologies’ result in the death of employment as we know it? Should we wait until AI replaces all human jobs?

Well, much has been made of blockchain’s potential when it comes to supply chain transparency and it can most certainly have a proactive, customer-friendly effect on a business.

But there’s more to blockchain that we may not have considered.

“Blockchain could change the way businesses operate internally, from top to bottom. Depending on your outlook, it offers a world of opportunity or a very real threat.”

Writing for Real Business, David Haycox, senior business development EMEA at Oliver, an in-house specialist agency, says that Blockchain could offer creative flexibility for employees.

“If we integrated a blockchain-style model into employment, then workforces would become more like talent pools. Employees would have the opportunity to contribute to different client briefs; the work tracked like a supply chain and paid in relation to the project’s final success.”

“That could be seen as scary. A free-for-all. But as boomers realise that, in fact, they can’t stick around forever, they could do well to lay the groundwork and implement this sort of model for generations to come.”

“The most instant and obvious benefit to this means businesses save on overheads, as more people will be working through software solutions, creating ‘virtual offices’.”

Haycox says for this to work, there would need to be a jobs portal, with technology compatible to a business’ needs. Something that can host everyone’s LinkedIn, their project history, their highest achievements in accordance with this system.  It would automatically match employees with opportunities and briefs. Thanks to the nature of blockchain, businesses can see if candidates have missed deadlines, if this was an isolated incident and where their strengths are etc.

Ultimately, this will make people want to work better. Work has always been competitive. With this model, only more transparent.

Haycox says it stands to reason that it will remain entirely possible to run an empathetic, human business, while still making the most of new technologies.

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