Starting a Beauty Business: Mobile vs Salon

By taking stock of these, you’ll be able to determine which way of doing things is right for you

If you’re running a beauty business, or you’re considering starting one, then you might be struggling to decide whether to operate from a fixed premises (that’s a salon), or to set up on the go. Each approach has its upsides and downsides. By taking stock of these, you’ll be able to determine which way of doing things is right for you.

Why Go Mobile?

Lowered Costs
Probably the most obvious advantage of going mobile is that you won’t have to pay rent on your premises, because you don’t have any. This makes it an attractive option for new beauticians who haven’t yet established a healthy client-base. The cost of equipment and consumables is what you’ll be contending with. Make sure you bring all of your stuff to each appointment; a missing item, whether it’s an acrylic nail kit or a pair of scissors, might make for an awkward session.

When you’re mobile, you don’t need to operate fixed operating hours – there are no walk-in appointments, and thus you’ll be able to arrange your time as you see fit.

Personal Touch
When you’re mobile, you get invited into people’s houses. This creates something of a personal connection between you and your clients. They might come to see you as trusted confidantes, which will lead to repeat business if you get on well with them.

No No-Shows
Since you’re going to visit the client, you aren’t going to have your time wasted by people who don’t turn up.

No Location Worries
When you’re setting up a fixed premises, then you’ll need to put a lot of thought into the location. Is there parking nearby? Is there enough footfall to generate walk-in custom? Is the rent reasonable? All of these worries disappear if you’re going mobile.

Why Use a Salon?

Less Travelling
If you’re mobile, then you’ll spend a significant chunk of time travelling from appointment to appointment. This will impact the amount of work you’re able to do. After all, if it takes you half an hour to do the job, but fifteen minutes to get to the appointment and fifteen minutes to get back, then your potential income is effectively halved. Factor in the cost of fuel and this might be a significant problem.

No Unfamiliar Houses
If you’re apprehensive about visiting a stranger’s house, then you might prefer a salon. After all, if you’re going to visit hundreds of clients every year, you never quite know what you’re going to get.

More Teamwork
If you’re working in a Salon, then you’ll be working with a team of other professionals, and you’ll be able to support each other and discuss the issues of the day when you aren’t cutting hair or prettifying nails or applying spray-tans. If the social aspect of work is something that you value, then it’s difficult to beat the salon experience.

More Presence
If people are walking past your premises every day, they’ll come to view it as part of a physical community. You can’t really replicate that with a Facebook marketing campaign.

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