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Three quarters of technology professionals open to move abroad

Almost three quarters of technology professionals based in the UK would consider a move abroad for the right opportunity

Almost three quarters of technology professionals based in the UK would consider a move abroad for the right opportunity, research from recruiter Dice has suggested.

41 per cent of respondents from the UK Mobility Survey cited lifestyle factors or a better work-life balance as the main reason for considering moving abroad.

Australia, Canada and the US are the most attractive places for relocation, with France, Germany, New Zealand and Spain completing the top of the list.

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The respondents also indicated that they were open to a move in the UK, with more than two-thirds saying they were just as open to a UK move if the right opportunity came up – suggesting that there are opportunities for UK employers to retain technical talent.

Dice’s marketing director in the UK and continental Europe, Jamie Bowler, said: “Tech professionals fully recognise the highly transferable nature of their skills. As a result [they] are often more open than other professionals to the idea of moving – whether to improve their career or their lifestyle.

“This dynamic, in turn, places greater pressure on employers to ensure they have the right culture and working environment in which tech professionals will thrive. Those businesses that have an international footprint should also actively facilitate mobility within the organisation in order to both attract and retain strong tech talent.”

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  1. This of course works both ways. With a current skills shortage in “high end” and trades/technician skills workers would move from especially within the EU to the UK. Probably more so because London is the favourite venue for workers to move and the rest of the UK is not far behind.

    Mediterranean and Eastern Europe (including France, Belgium) are struggling economically whereas it is a candidates market in the UK.

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