Top 10 degrees with the highest paying jobs

Job search engine Adzuna has compiled a list of the top ten highest paying degrees from their job listings

With over 37,000 degree courses to choose from when studying at university it can be a difficult decision for students to decide.

Job search engine Adzuna has looked through their listings on its website to calculate the average salaries for graduates of every degree to help students to decide on future career prospects.

The top 10 degrees with the highest paying jobs in the UK according to Adzuna are:

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10) Maths

Average salary: £39,015

With many maths graduates choosing to work as accountants, bankers and statisticians, graduates are currently in high demand.  Maths graduates have also found work in technology.

9) Mechanical engineering

Average salary: £39,106

With graduates being from part of the STEM subjects that the government is encouraging people to study, engineering students are highly sought after.

8) Science

Average salary: £40,409

The government trying to encourage more entrepreneurship based around science industries, while graduates can work in the chemical or even finance industries.

7) Architecture

Average salary: £40,788

Even though it takes seven years to become a fully qualified architect – including working in agencies on placements – graduate level jobs are well paid compared to many other industries.

6) Finance

Average salary: £40,908

A finance career being long considered one of the best paid in the world.

5) Economics

Average salary: £41,144

Both economics and finance graduates are highly sought after and compete over the same jobs as financial analysts, economists, bankers and statisticians.

4) Computer science

Average salary: £41,950

IT workers are in high demand and short supply, so can command a high salary

3) Accounting

Average salary: £42,404

The UK’s accountants are among the most revered around the world, enabling them to work all over the globe, with thousands of graduates employed by the big accountancy firms KPMG, PwC, Deloitte and EY each year.

2) Engineering

Average salary: £42,837

While engineering degrees are less specialised than degrees such as mechanical engineering, they are still highly regarded by employers as they able to fulfil a number of roles.

1) Civil Engineering

Average salary: £44,851

Civil engineering graduates are in high demand, with future jobs including work on skyscrapers across London and infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and HS2.

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