47% of Britons want career change, finds LSBF

Almost half of all workers in the UK would like to change career, a report from the LSBF has revealed

Almost half of all workers in the UK would like to change career, a report from the London School of Business and Finance has revealed.

The LSBF Careers Report found that as well as the 47 per cent of workers who would like to change career, 21 per cent of workers are looking to move careers in the next 12 months with increased salary prospects, better work-life balance and improved job satisfaction the main reasons for wanting to move.

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Nearly a quarter of Brits (23 per cent) in employment revealed that they regret their current career choice, with higher figures for younger workers, with 30 per cent of 25-34 year-olds regretting their current career.

However many people are still unwilling to move jobs owing to a number of factors they feel hold them back, with the biggest factor being the lack of financial security (29 per cent) holding them back. Not knowing what to switch to and fear of failure were also two major obstacles for changing careers.

Director of Research and Academic Dean at LSBF, Dr Steve Priddy, told bdaily: “With a changing economy and new sectors creating jobs and business models that would not have even existed a decade ago, many professionals may consider the option of jumping ship and facing the challenges of a new career path.”

“However, how do people feel about making a career change? Are they professionally prepared? Do they know how to go about it? What are people’s main fears about a major career move? Money, uncertainty, lack of support, lack of training? These are some of the questions that this report tries to answer.”

“From my perspective, what is important before any major career move is to ensure you are appropriately qualified to take on the new role and to understand the sector well enough in order to make the most of potential opportunities and to navigate the system as if an insider.”

Younger workers were the most likely to want to change career, with two thirds of 18 to 34 year old workers wanting to change career, while just 19 per cent of those over 55 said the same.

The full report can be seen at: http://www.lsbf.org.uk/infographics/career-change

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