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Gerard Butler gets recruitment advice from PageGroup for his upcoming film ‘The Headhunter’s Calling’

Gerard Butler recently visited the New York office of global specialist recruiter, PageGroup

Gerard Butler recently visited the New York office of global specialist recruiter, PageGroup, for some on-the-job research for his upcoming film ‘The Headhunter’s Calling’.

Richard Vickers, Regional Managing Director of PageGroup in North America and Simon Lewis, Managing Director of Michael Page’s Banking and Financial Services business both met with Gerard Butler and gave him the following top tips.

Richard Vickers advised that “Tenacity is, without a doubt, the most important quality you need to have to be a great recruiter.  To the surprise of many, our top billers have all types of work experience previous to recruiting. What makes them stand out is their drive, sense of urgency and mental strength.”


Simon Lewis added “As recruiters we earn our success, and thrive off winning new business and closing deals. Plus, we get to share our expertise with new hires that we constantly train and develop to succeed. It is a roller-coaster ride, full of thrills and dips, but I guarantee the entire ride is exhilarating.”

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One comment

  1. As HR people is a great surprise to know is a movie going on related HR duties!
    I love my job as HR and is awesome Page Group contribute with this project
    Regards from Mexico
    Teresa Luna

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