Launched – A New recruitment & HR job board

Agencies are advertising vacancies on 'IOR Jobs' and finding new staff

A new Recruitment and HR job board to help agencies cost effectively find new staff has been launched by The institute of Recruiters (IOR).

Until now, the recruitment sector has not had a dedicated job board to advertise their vacancies, leaving agencies struggling to find the consultants they need to grow their companies.

Priced at just £75 per advert, the new job board, entitled ‘IOR Jobs’, is already attracting the attention of recruiters who need to find a new job as well as agencies looking to hire consultants.

The job board will only focus on UK vacancies is the following areas:

  • Agency Recruitment
  • In-house Recruitment
  • HR
  • Learning and Development, L&D

Visit IOR Jobs at this link: IOR Jobs

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The British Institute of Recruiters is the Professional Body operating The Recruitment Certification Scheme

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