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Automating the HR process

With the introduction of cloud-based HR platforms, much of the HR process can be automated, lifting a burden off of small business owners

With the introduction of cloud-based HR platforms, much of the HR process can be automated, lifting a somewhat huge burden off of small business owners. But according to Neil Jesani, the founder and CEO of cloud-based HR solutions platform, PineappleHR, there remains the burden of the financial cost on SMBs.

In a recent interview with PYMNTS, Jesani discussed “the need for small businesses to implement affordable HR tools, and how market trends and regulatory requirements have now made it more important than ever for small business owners to get a strong grip on processes like employee onboarding, time tracking, and benefits management.”

“The HR function is very vital to any organization,” Jesani said. “But unfortunately, in the SMB world, it is not viewed exactly the same.”

“Many times, HR folks are overworked and do not have any buying power,” Jesani said. “CEOs and presidents don’t understand the complexity of the HR function.” This means, he continued, that small business owners and executives view HR as a “cost-centre,” not a revenue generating one.

“That is why it is important to offer very affordable HR tools, to empower the HR department at an SMB.” he said.

PineappleHR’s has provided a solution to this issue by releasing Cogent, a new version of its platform focusing on affordability. “Designed to assist businesses with between 50 and 5,000 employees, Cogent aims to bring the strategic functions of employee time tracking, benefit management, worker onboarding and other services at a more affordable price in an effort to help SMEs realize HR’s potential to positively impact a business’ cash flow.”

Jesani pinpointed that one of the key changes to HR software will be that it will all move to being ‘cloud-based’.  Big names like Zenefits, he stated, have brought attention to SMEs of the need for cloud-based HR solutions; meanwhile, Jesani predicted an incoming “price war” between newcomers and legacy service providers.

With the regulations that are now in place, SME owners are forced to examine their HR functions more closely.  Thanks to technology, HR automation and cloud-based software will bring a wave of competition to market, allowing small businesses to afford to look at HR strategically.

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