New social network, Workey, matches job seekers and recruiters

New social network Workey encourages your friends and connections to help you land the perfect job

Recent studies have shown that many people feel they are wasting precious hours every day hanging out on social networks.  However, the team at Workey encourages the users of its job-searching platform to communicate, tweet & raise their profiles on social media.

“The people you know are the best source for you to find a new job, and the best way for employers to ensure that they are getting the right person,” said Danny Shtainberg, head of business development at Workey. “Friends bringing friends to fill jobs at companies are considered by many employers to be the best way to recruit new workers, and we help that happen.”

Workey boasts some of the world’s biggest tech firms as clients including Sandisk, Facebook, EMC & Outbrain.

“One of the challenges prominent today’s job market, especially in high-tech, is recruiting quality candidates and successful company,” according to Shtainberg. “Companies invest considerable resources in order to reach the right candidates, but its hit and miss. The best results come from a ‘friend brings a friend’ method of recruitment, where employees let their acquaintances know about open positions, but even this yields barely a 30% hiring rate. With Workey, that goes up to between 70% and 80%.”

Recruiting is one of the biggest challenges at any company with some companies reluctant to advertise due to the fear of being undated with irrelevant CV’s, so they ask current employees to spread the word about available positions.

The ‘Refer-a-friend’ recruitment route has proven to be highly successful so the team at Workey decided to enhance and expand it, creating an engine that automates the process for both job seekers and employers. “Using big data, we close the gap between where a job seeker is and where is job they might be interested in is,” said Shtainberg. “Social media, where friends meet friends on-line, gives us the ability to automate the process, and to ferret out the people who are both qualified and are looking for work.”

Prospective candidates register online detailing their skills & interests, they then connect with members of various social platforms to ask for endorsements & recommendations (similar to the LinkedIn endorsement feature) Workey’s algorithms will match up each friend of your choice with the right jobs.  It connects with their network to find out where they are currently employed and if there are any vacancies at the companies it works with.  The applicant’s information is sent to the company anonymously and the company then decides if they would like to take the candidate further.

If they are successful then the candidate will receive a message with the job description and salary package details and will be invited to submit a CV.  The CV is sent directly to the person making the hiring decision and not to an anonymous, generic email where it may never be picked up again. “The companies are paying us to do this, so they are not going to ignore the candidates we bring,” he said.

For passive job-seekers, Workey is perfect, said Shtainberg; “Since it’s anonymous, no one in their own firm or anywhere else knows that they are considering moving on, and if they do decide to leave – or are forced to – they are in a good position to set up interviews for a new job much more quickly and efficiently, because of their Workey offers. And over time, as the system gets to know a candidate via their social media contacts, it provides better and more relevant offers,” he said. Registration is free (Workey makes its money from the companies that pay for successful referrals).

Use Workey to find your dream job, with your friends as referrers – it’s recruitment gone social!

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