Prepared to defend your favourite biscuit? Are these the strangest interview questions ever?

A recent study was compiled of some of the strangest ones

In some cases, the questions asked in an interview can be bizarre. Whilst some companies still prefer traditional questions, things appear to be moving in a radical direction in some quarters.

Think outside the box! Certainly, but this is such an overused cliché that it barely means anything when said alone. It’s akin to sitting a new employee down, without any material, equipment, or training, and simply saying “be creative!”, then walking off without another word.

This is analogous to the way in which some interviewers attempt to spice things up. They may attempt informal questioning techniques, which have been popularised by the current generation. A tip from us here, is that you really need to pay close attention to the type of questions you are asked, and the style.

Take a look at this compilation, and remember: any questions you are asked in an interview will probably reflect on the ethos of the company.

How would you answer these questions?

1) What is the most interesting thing you have posted on Facebook?

2) Do you enjoy knowing a great deal about a little, or a little about a great deal?

3) You want to have a dinner party. If being honest, who would you invite?

4) If Batman and Superman had a punch-up, who do you think would win?

5) Which Doctor Who is best?

6) If I was a video game character, who would I be and why?

7) If you were going on a night out, tell me three celebrities you would like to bring along.

8) Which would you choose between: being liked, or being right?

9) When you’re outside of work, do you wear jeans?

10) It’s the apocalypse and the sun is dying, what would you do?

11) Choose between EastEnders or Coronation Street, which is your favourite?

12) Ok, you walk into your manager’s office and he’s busy kissing someone. What do you do?

13) In a perfect world, what dinosaur would you like to be?

14) In regards to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, was the book actually about state control?

15) Imagine that a co-worker is here, do a quick improvisation. Go!

16) You have one minute to build a tower of paper cups. The tower mustn’t fall down when you pour water in the top cup.

17) Here’s a BIC pen, give me twenty unique selling points about it.

18) We’ll need you to bring a toy along. Bring one that reflects your personality in some way.

19) Right, Jaffa cakes. Is it a biscuit or a cake?

20) Blood sports are still popular. How do you feel about them?

21) Say there was a hippo that fell into a hole. How would you help it to get out?

22) When you’re taking a bath, do you like to have a sing-song?

23) It’s rush hour and you’re in a hurry, the traffic lights turns amber, would you go through?

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