Employers who want the best talent need to invest in multimedia job ads

Video content in job descriptions is being seriously considered by many large businesses from all sectors.

Many employers are missing out on top talent by not moving with the times and including video content in their job descriptions, recent findings suggests.

A survey from the generalist job board shows that nearly 80% of candidates would be more likely to apply for a job if there is video content within the job description, leading them to conclude that video content shouldn’t be restricted to product show-reels, investor relations and TV spots.


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September is one of the busiest times of the year for recruiting, and one of the continual challenges facing HR managers is getting quality applicants for their roles. Various initiatives such as referring friends of existing employees and recruitment days are par for the course, but one method that many recruiters are yet to fully explore is video content.

Whilst still a relatively new concept in recruitment, videos can communicate so much more than a standard text-based job description. A short video can show work environments such as office space and canteens, giving prospective employees an idea as to what they can expect in terms of facilities; it can also show the kind of work that goes on, and even use existing staff to evangelise the business.

Lee Biggins, Managing Director of CV-Library commented: “With bandwidths and storage capabilities continually growing, and video production coming down in price, we are at a point now where video content in job descriptions is being seriously considered by many large businesses from all sectors.

“We recently launched our JobStream feature which allows the upload of video content into job descriptions, and the response from candidates has been hugely encouraging. Big companies such as Ocado and Astra Zeneca are leveraging their video content to drive more quality applications to their vacancies, whilst simultaneously getting their brand in front of candidates in a compelling manner. With more and more of these huge brands asking us about how to engage with professionals looking for a new role, we expect to see a steady rise in videos being used in this way, and look forward to hosting more content over the coming months.”

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