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Should job seekers consider moving town for work?

Salaries are starting to stagnate have been widely reported due to uncertainty in the lead up to the referendum

The impact of the UK leaving the EU hasn’t so far materialised into the catastrophe many anticipated with the latest ONS statistics for August highlighting a 0.7% drop in unemployment.

However indications that salaries are starting to stagnate have been widely reported due to uncertainty in the lead up to the referendum. This has led some to suggest that now is a good time for people to look for new jobs to boost their career and wages.

Kevin Brady of job search engine AdView said:

“Job seekers may find that now could be the right time to consider moving to a different city in search for greater job opportunities and career progression.

“Although the recent ONS findings were better than many expected, the figures haven’t yet fully taken into account the effect of pre-referendum uncertainty on many employers who held back on hiring and pay rises.

“The overall preparedness of job seekers to move to a different city to find work is a significant factor in not getting a better wage but also strengthening the economy. This may well be more so the case now than in the past.”

So which cities have the most jobs relative to its population?

Mr Brady continued:

“According to our databases, just over a third of advertised jobs vacancies in the UK are based in the top fifteen most searched for cities. However, whilst some of these are job hot-spots, others offer less in the way of opportunity.

“For instance, 2% of all UK job vacancies are based in Leeds, compared to just 0.2% for Hull. However, Leeds is only three times the population size of Hull despite there being ten times as many advertised jobs in Leeds.

“Examples of these sort of discrepancies are numerous. For example, our data shows that Milton Keynes has more than twice as many jobs as Bradford despite it having a smaller population.

“Jobs seekers should always ask themselves: ‘are there relevant jobs near me?’ If a job seeker from an area with relatively few vacancies in relation to its size can’t find any suitable jobs near them, now is as good a time as any to consider looking further afield.”

Top searched for cities % of UK total
London 19.3%
Leeds 2%
Liverpool 0.9%
Hull 0.2%
Edinburgh 0.8%
Glasgow 1%
Sheffield 0.8%
Manchester 3.2%
Bristol 1.9%
Cardiff 0.6%
Belfast 0.2%
Newcastle 0.8%
Bradford 0.4%
Nottingham 1%
Leicester 0.6%

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