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Eight hidden signals the hiring manager gives his favourite candidates

You may be able to glean a few clues from the interviewer’s speech and body language

When sitting in the limelight and answering a barrage of unexpected questions, it can be hard to gauge whether the hiring manager is responding well to your responses; however, if you know what to look for, you may be able to glean a few clues from the interviewer’s speech and body language, giving you an early indication as to whether you are performing well.

1) They act hot and cold

It may feel like an interviewer’s inconsistent attitude means they are irritated; however, this is often part of the process they follow to keep good applicants on their toes. If they make the effort to play this game, it means they think you are worth testing.

2) They don’t overanalyse your answers

Again, this may seem paradoxical, but heavy analysis of your responses may be a sign that they do not like what you have said and want to clarify. If they are happy with your answers, many interviewers are often eager to jump ahead and fit in more questions.

3) A lot of questions are hypothetical

Language such as ‘if you got the job…’ means the interview has evolved past the stage of general questioning and the hiring manager is starting to picture how you could fit into the company.

4) They act distant, but the interview continues

Many interviewers will avoid giving too much away or actually showing they are happy with your answers; however, if the interview does not end quickly, it is a good sign they like what they hear and want to know more. An abrupt end or shorter-than-expected interview is never a good sign.

5) They keep firing tough questions

It may feel like a gauntlet when you are in it, but difficult questions are designed to really gauge your competence. If they keep making the effort to throw problems at you, it means they are collecting as much information as possible before time runs out.

6) They ask an odd question, but seem happy with your response

It is very common to be asked a completely out of context and unprepared question, such as what kind of kitchen appliance you would be or which famous person you would go to dinner with, to see how you react to the unexpected. If they smile when you give your answer, you have passed this test. Looking up the more common examples of these questions and having an idea of how to answer them is the key to not floundering here.

7) They’ll ask you to wait

Sometimes interviews are interrupted while hiring managers take phone calls or step outside. If they ask you to hold on while they deal with urgent business in the office, rather than simply ending the interview, it means they want to invest in asking you more.

8) They mention your references

Finally, if at any point they mention contacting your references, this is a great sign they are interested in actually doing so. They are signalling the next step in the process to getting you hired.

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