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Decision process to leave your job

Do you find yourself day dreaming at work? Clock watching and feeling like everything you do at work is a chore?

Then it’s time to consider making more of an effort or leave and work for yourself. Many people dream of being their own boss and becoming an entrepreneur. But, something is stopping them. Job security, financial worries, kids or, the most common reason – fear of failure, keeps you stuck in the same job.

Making the decision to stay in a job you hate or change jobs for something similar (same crap different wallpaper) or leave and start your own business, isn’t easy. With the latter being a scary proposition. There is more to life than sticking with a job you detest.

How long have you been in a job you cannot stand with no sign of improvement? And no, it’s not wise to run down your boss in the car park to create the only chance of getting promoted! With only 3% (1.5M) working Brits deciding to turn their hobby into a new business, and younger men (25-35) being the most proactive group to follow their dream.

The decision needs to be made with a clear plan, knowing the risks, the benefits and choosing the right time to take action, by getting support from an experienced coach. Now is the time to follow your dream and hire a coach! So what process should you follow to decide if you should leave a job you dislike and start out on your own?

Well at least discuss the opportunity and options with a coach for a start! You can just go for it – leave your job and hope it works out, which is the most risky choice. You can use a coach to get professional help planning what business to set up, what goals to reach, when to make your move, how to get started, is clearly a less risky route.

Of course you can stay put and continue to be unhappy doing the job you do now, or feel liberated and do what you’ve always dreamt of doing one day. Many people opt to use a coach to help them plan and make the decision. A coach has the experience of helping other people to venture out and start a new exciting business opportunity.

A coach will help motivate you, help you discover what the risks are and can help you make the decision to be your own boss – you decide when you are ready to take charge of your life, be independent and happier. Yes there will be stressful times and decisions to make – but often not much different to doing a job you cannot abide now.

It’s likely to be the best decision you ever made! The RBS enterprise tracker reports that a third of the UK working population would like to run their own business, but only 6% do at any one time. With 608,000 new business start-ups in 2015, overcoming the fear of failure would result in 3.6 million new start-ups. Concerns including cash flow and economic uncertainty are key factors stopping them.

With British exports and international services business currently booming, this is a good time to book a few sessions with a life coach and discover how you can take control of your destiny now. Speaking to a coach and using a well-managed process to make your next big decision could be the best investment decision you ever made.

Investing in the services of a life coach will save you time, worry and money in the long term. Making a rushed decision to leave your job and go it alone without professional help may prove costly if it goes wrong. Reducing the anxiety and sleepless nights of what to do for the best will pay off using an experienced coach and having support on your exciting journey to have your own business. It is an investment that pays dividends when you make clear plans, set attainable goals, within your own comfort zone and timescales that suit you.

This is the skill and expertise of a trained coach. Imagine what you could achieve in the next few years by leaving that dire job behind! Choosing a coach will be the best decision you ever made. So before you get the courage to tell your boss where to stick their job, contact me for a coaching session and discuss plans to becoming your own boss!

What are you waiting for? Only 4 sessions for £200 is your first good investment and start of an exciting new life.

Phil Lyon is director and coach for



Contact; 07590 590171.

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