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5 reasons your company needs an HR professional

HR and its related practices are an important feature in any workplace, yet are a frequently neglected aspect of small businesses

Growing firms often take an ad-hoc approach to HR, with employees pitching in to cover tasks of staff recruitment, training, and administration. Initially, this approach may keep operating costs down, but as your business expands, it will become increasingly inefficient.

Hiring a dedicated HR professional means putting in an effective system to manage your workforce and free up other staff members to focus on their intended job roles. Below are just five more ways such a professional would be a valuable addition to any business:

1. Ensuring legal compliance

Any workforce requires paperwork. From contracts to sick leave reports, records must be kept in accordance with ever changing legal requirements. An HR professional can ensure such regulations are met and can give you peace of mind that your operation is legally compliant.

2. Effective recruitment

Dealing with employment agencies and sifting through numerous applications can be a frustrating process. An HR professional can put an effective system in place to facilitate with the entire staff onboarding process, from generating job descriptions to organising initial training and orientation. For growing firms, this will prove increasingly valuable as time goes on.

3. Employee satisfaction

By engaging more with employees and managing their individual needs directly, you will reduce staff turnover and improve morale in the workplace. A satisfied team will inevitably lead to increased productivity and a more positive working environment.

4. Staff development and performance

As the demands of your business evolve, so too do the requirements of your staff to build upon their existing skills. Not only will an HR professional be able to arrange and structure employee training, they will also be able to monitor KPIs and performance, which again will prove a valuable tool for increasing productivity.

5. Preparing for the future

Having effective HR procedures in place early on prevents running into difficulties further down the line. As your business grows, a simple spreadsheet will no longer be sufficient for handling staff requirements. Recruiting an HR professional earlier rather than later means an effective system puts your firm ahead of the game when it comes to developing an integrated and dynamic workforce.

These are just a few examples of the benefits of hiring a dedicated HR professional. By improving all aspects of staff maintenance and administration, they will ultimately free up time and resources from other departments, whilst simultaneously increasing overall productivity and ensuring legal regulations are met. As such, an HR professional is likely to prove to be a necessity for any successful business.

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