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How do females survive in business against men?

Over time many people have raised the debate of why do men always earn more than women?

It is a subject area that is consistently at the forefront of the workplace and affects how businesses develop. It is very common to see that the male species lead the organisation forward, but that is not because women are incapable of doing so, it is because there is still an issue with inequality at the top.

Have you ever thought about the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 and in those companies how many are led by women? Take a look at Towergate Insurance’s latest Female CEO data. Make your guess by clicking on the icon and see if your estimate is correct; it is amazing what you will find out.

Females worldwide have a growing concern that the gender gap for pay is still not shifting, as Towergate reveal in the data men earn substantially more at the top. In fact, men earn upwards of more than £2 million more. So what issues contribute to the inequality and are there barriers to success? Some factors come down to an unsupportive workplace, the balancing of wanting a family for women, inadequate training and stress barriers. Many females believe it is just being female that is the only problem, even if they have 40% more experience in management they are still not considered above a male due to gender.

So how can perceptions change, positive changes improve the barriers and how can businesses promote gender equality? If a family plan is a hindrance to success for women then perhaps a workplace could develop on-site child care facilities. If experience is not being taken seriously within an organisation, perhaps a policy can ensure what a set of amount of experience qualifies you for, an equal benefit for both. Furthermore, companies can look at gender equality training; the more the issue is discussed, the more awareness there is to break barriers.

Females are finding it harder to survive, due to the some of the negative perceptions out there and how businesses have become set in their ways. However, the times have changed, and women are more than ever capable leaders and a huge success for business, which many companies are learning from, and this helps to change perceptions, which is a positive way forward to levelling the ground between men and women in the workplace.

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  1. Ridiculous article. This is why women are behind men. Read your own title. “Survive against Men”. Smart women know how to work with men in business. We are not in competition. Men have known this for years and simply work together to make a business better. We women think too tactically. The best piece of advice I can give is to forget you’re a women, forget they’re men, and realise that you’re all colleagues working to improve both the business and your careers. This article is pointless and poisonous because it will make more women think they need to be ‘against’ men. DELETE!

  2. Men do earn more than us, but for 1 key reason: men ask for more! The statistics on wages don’t take into account zero hour contracts and freelancers; men work more hours than us in both of those areas and male freelancers charge 35% more on average!

    What’s more, the male-dominated industries (i.e. finance and banking) pay much more than the female-dominated industries (i.e. fashion), so of course they earn more!

    And seriously, go out there and find me one man and one woman who have done the same job for the same amount of time with the same company who work to the same standard and earn different wages! YOU CAN’T! It’s a myth and that’s obvious when you read the data properly!

    This is what really frustrates me: stupid feminists are now asking for handouts from men at the top, asking for higher positions that they don’t deserve and more pay that they haven’t commanded through hard work just because “there aren’t enough women at the top of businesses”

    No, the fact is the women who have worked hard and have been clever about their career path are at the top of businesses, and it’s nothing to do with any sexism or prejudice, it’s just that we over think things!

    I don’t mean to be damning because whoever wrote this is currently young and hopeful, I’m sure, but please, author, if you’re reading this, realise it’s making other women feel sorry for themselves! Study the statistics and truly educate other women on what the route of the problem is, then write posts to inspire women to be more gutsy!


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