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When to say no: warning signs when considering a job offer

During the hiring process, you should take note of the way in which a prospective employer behaves and the general vibe you get

For job seekers who have actively been searching for employment for a long period of time, any job offer can feel like a blessing; however, do not be too hasty to accept, as the wrong job can lead to misery and delay you landing a role in which you can be happy and fulfilled. During the hiring process, you should take note of the way in which a prospective employer behaves and the general vibe you get from the organisation itself. This will give you an insight into whether you would be happy and well treated in the role and ultimately whether you should accept the offer.

Disrespectful behaviour

The way in which an employer treats you during the hiring process can give you a good insight into how you might be treated as an employee. Any disrespectful or rude behaviour, such as ignoring correspondence, cancelling interviews or being rude or arrogant when communicating, should ring alarm bells.

While you should expect a certain level of scrutiny in the sense of recruiters checking your references and background, be wary of any distrustful attitudes towards you. Reference checks should be carried out in a professional and non-accusatory manner; at the very least, a recruiter should be respectful regardless of whether they decide to offer you the job. Beware of those who cannot offer this basic courtesy, as it probably means it is not extended to their staff either.

Unhappy workers

Ideally you should be able to visit your potential workplace at least once before accepting a job offer. When you do, be sure to take notice of your surroundings and the overall vibe from the existing employees. A depressing office with unhappy employees will stand out a mile and the state of their workstations and common areas may also offer some insight into how happy they are at work.

You may also be able to find some direct opinions and reviews from former employees online that can demonstrate the company’s reputation. Although you should be wary not to base your thoughts entirely on the opinions of employees, either past or present, it is safe to assume that a miserable workplace will not be much fun to work in.

Unprofessional hiring process

Do not be so eager to land a job that you overlook major flaws in the hiring process. An interviewer who fails to give you clear goals and objectives regarding the role can be an indication of problems ahead; likewise, an employer who does not bother to check references or follow the whole hiring procedure through in accordance with company policy can be cause for concern.

Use your gut when accepting a job offer and do not settle for anything less than your worth.

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