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Could you fit 10,000 steps into your working day?

One of the most frustrating things about a job in which you spend your time sitting down is the lack of exercise

This can make you feel lethargic during the daytime, restless at night, and can even negatively impact your health if you struggle to find the time to exercise outside work.

If you want to get fitter while you work, here are four ways to ensure that you walk more.

Ask your employer

Most employers encourage their employees to be active and healthy, with some companies even offering free gym membership and exercise classes to their employees. Speak to your employer to find out whether there are any classes you can sign up for.

Walking as you work

If you work at a desk, it is very difficult to literally walk as you work; however, you can take a quick break every hour to spend three minutes walking around the room. Research has found that this quick walk will improve your mood and make it easier for you to concentrate on work, making it beneficial to both the employer and the employee!

If you want to try this, set an alarm on your phone or download an app such as Fitbit to remind you. If you don’t set a reminder, it is very likely that you will frequently forget when you are busy completing your work.

Walk to work

If you live quite close to work, you could get your steps in walking to and from work. Many people dislike doing this when the weather is dark and cold; however, summer is the perfect time, as the weather is warm and the days are lighter for longer.

If you live too far to walk all the way, consider getting off the bus one stop earlier to add in a few more steps.

Talk as you walk

If your meeting does not involve a presentation, you could walk around as you talk instead of sitting down. This is better for your health than sitting down; in addition, it is likely that everyone will feel more productive and creative and it is very possible that the team will come up with better ideas and solutions.

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