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Make your bed in the morning to be more successful

For a busy person, making your bed every day may not seem like a big deal

It may even seem like a waste of time, as you are going to get back into it at the end of the day and mess it up again; however, there are ways in which making your bed can improve your day, your presence at work, and lead to a more dynamic, focused and goal-oriented you.

Making your bed generates a can-do feeling of accomplishing something right at the start of the day. This is important, as this feeling will go with you to the office and have an impact on dealing with clients, addressing tasks, and even generating ideas. It is an invigorating thing to do, and being invigorated always helps to create confidence and get things done.

Dealing with your bed is also an effective stress reliever. Stress is often related to feeling overwhelmed and out of control, and making your bed helps you to feel organised. It is an action that makes you feel more on top of things, which will help you to feel calmer.

As panic is generally not an aid to being resourceful, the made bed will assist in maintaining a mood of competent capability. When you finally get home after a frantic day, the sight of a made, tidy bed will be a lot more soothing and get you into the frame of mind to rest a lot more than a tangled pile of bedclothes.

This is the ‘hotel effect’. What is one of the things we love about a hotel room? It is calm and tidy and has a lovely pristine bed that invites you to spread out and relax.

Making your bed is a beneficial habit to get into and generates good feelings that make it easier to develop other beneficial habits. Once the bed is made, you might want to spend two minutes picking up discarded clothes or closing drawers, which will not only help your living space to feel more organised but also you will feel organised.

This is a feeling that is almost addictive when you have a lot to get done and anxiety about overlooking something lurks around the edges of your consciousness. Instead of leaving mess and unfinished projects behind you, tasks will be completed and followed up in a way that not only feels great but also gets you lots of positive attention for being so efficient.

As another bonus, there is no need to apologise for the state of the bedroom or leave your guests languishing outside while you run in to tidy up if you decide to be spontaneous and invite people over after work. Being prepared helps to create an atmosphere of serene competence.

Feeling confident and prepared is a wonderful foundation from which to tackle anything, whether planning a social occasion, completing a project or gaining a promotion. Any action – even a small one – that assists with getting into a positive mindset of success is a truly worthwhile thing to do.

Don’t just sit there – go and straighten those sheets.

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