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How great leaders act to inspire high performance

You should be prepared to defend your workers when it feels right in a difficult situation

Great teamwork is usually the result of a great leader; therefore, it is vital for the managers of a company to be the driving force behind a positive energy in the workplace.

Employees who enjoy what they do, are proud of the company for which they work and – most importantly – feel an emotional connection with its leaders are more likely to work hard; that said, it is not always easy to get employees fired up, as they are influenced by different things.

Here are some tips for taking the right approach towards encouraging an efficient work dynamic and engaging with your staff on a more personal level.

1) Show appreciation for effort

When workers can see that their performance is appreciated by their superiors, it makes hard work seem worthwhile and they are willing to invest more time and effort into impressing you further.

Whether in the office or at home, seeing that our actions can have a positive impact on others naturally fires us up. Use one-to-one meetings to tell your employee how pleased you are with their work, or show your gratitude in larger team meetings.

2) Break down emotional barriers

As a leading force within a company, you may feel that you need to maintain a tough façade; however, employees are more likely to respect you as a person if you act like one and show that you have emotions.

If you have been touched by an event that has had an impact on your professional life, tell them about it. Sharing is caring, some might say, and everyone can relate to an outpouring of emotion.

3) Remind the workforce what they are working for

It can be very easy to get stuck into the demands of your job and forget about the bigger picture. Try to remind your teams what it is that they are ultimately working for and motivate them with this bigger purpose.

You might want to invite speakers to discuss how the company has made a difference to them or hold cross-department meetings to show pictures, clips, figures and charts illustrating what your company has achieved during a given period.

4) Show trust

As a leader, you simply cannot do everything yourself; instead, you must learn to place trust in your employees to represent your company and act as you would in their shoes. When you hire a member of staff, you are saying to them that you trust that they can perform the tasks asked of them and you must maintain this belief in them until there is a reason to no longer do so.

Similarly, you should be prepared to defend your workers when it feels right in a difficult situation.

5) Listen to your team

Employees work better when they know they are valued, which means listening to their opinions; after all, it is usually your employees who are on the floor experiencing the thick of the work and their suggestions may be perfectly reasonable.

Ensure that everybody has their say and can contribute something to the company by encouraging communication tools across the business and being an approachable leader.

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