Poor management is killing employee happiness

A recent survey conducted by Hales Group has found that 48% of UK employees are unhappy at work due to poor management

With employees citing that management and company culture are the two areas they would like to change the most.

Carrying out the survey in order to understand the areas creating unhappy employees, Hales Group deployed the UK wide survey and found that the Education sector has the least happy employees, with the South East found to be the unhappiest place to work.

As a national recruitment group, Hales Jobs, had the following comment about the findings from Kirsty Walpole, Director of Sales and Operations;

“It is interesting to see that poor management now outweighs low salary as the thing people most dislike, however, this would mirror what candidates tell us when they register.

The biggest reason for leaving a role is that workers do not feel appreciated. Your culture and surroundings play a big part in how you feel at work and you are with your colleagues for up to 8 hours a day, so this is understandable.

This is something all employers should focus on to increase retention and productivity.”

Other key findings include:

  • 15% of those in Education sector most unhappy out of any other sector in the UK
  • The South East have the most unhappy employees , followed by East Midlands
  • 23% feel less than satisfied about going to work each day
  • Management and company culture are the two areas employees wish they could change the most.

As employee satisfaction was below average on the survey, it clearly highlights that pay and benefits are no longer the area keeping employees happy.

The push for better company culture has become increasingly important to many businesses, and the need for this has been demonstrated by this survey.

The UK workforce is no longer purely motivated by monetary gain, but having a workplace environment that treats employees fairly and offers a better work/life balance.

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