Are These the Most Disgusting Jobs You Can Do?

Discovery Channel’s programme Dirty Jobs has tried to discover which are the dirtiest and most disgusting jobs that someone has to do

If you think you have a disgusting job, spare a thought for the people who work in the following occupations. Mike Rowe, host of the Discovery Channel’s programme Dirty Jobs, has tried them out to discover which are the dirtiest and most disgusting jobs that someone has to do.

Turkey Inseminator

Because turkeys are bred with a view to producing the largest breasts that they can in order to provide more of the white meat that is in great demand, they are unable to fertilise eggs in the natural way. This means that they have to be helped by artificial insemination. According to Mike, there is squawking and screaming and it is a “foul” occupation.

Geoduck Harvester

Harvesting clams involves digging and can be enjoyable, but digging for geoduck clams is another matter. This type of clam can bury itself up to a yard underground and is characterised by the thick and fleshy siphon that protrudes from its shell. Digging for these delicacies in Puget Sound involves a lot of slime, mud and grit.

Pig Farmer

A Las Vegas-style pig farmer not only gets close enough to his animals to get really dirty, but he may also have to collect waste food from establishments like casinos, boil it up and feed it to the pigs. The smell can be absolutely gross!

Snake Researcher

Snake researchers have to look after snakes in the field and in the lab. They have to avoid being bitten and examine the snakes to ensure they are healthy. If they need to research what a snake has been eating, they do this by making the snake regurgitate its food to examine it. A filthy job that can also be dangerous!

Shark Suit Tester

Finding out whether a chain mail steel suit is adequate protection against sharks can only be done by trying it out. Mike Rowe and his crew were stalked and attacked recently in South Africa. According to Mike there was pain, blood, screams and laughter when the suit was tested. The test was carried out by putting blood in the ocean and waiting for the sharks to go into a feeding frenzy before jumping in.

Monkey Caretaker

Looking after monkeys can be dirty and dangerous too. Although some monkeys are pleasant and gentle, others can be quite wild and vicious, especially when they are protecting their territory.

Although these jobs sound dirty or dangerous, some people love doing them and wouldn’t change their occupation for the world. Career satisfaction can be different for everyone, so to identify your ideal career, take a job satisfaction survey.

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