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If you work in a candidate driven market this is a very effective way to work

With virtually zero unemployment and thousands of opportunities in recruitment in London alone, it just makes sense.

If you work in a candidate driven market this is a very effective way to work.

I spend most of my days speaking with off market recruiters who couldn’t even really be described as passive.

Waste of time? Not at all….

In a hugely candidate driven market it’s my privilege to say I continuously attract exclusive top recruitment talent via this method.

Whether the candidate desires a new challenge or not is kind of irrelevant, every time I meet with or speak with a highly placeable recruiter I have another opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge, skills and the contacts I have in the industry, building my credibility and ultimately giving them a kind of ‘try before you buy’ scenario.

With this in mind, when they do decide to gauge the market there’s a high chance, I’ll be the person they reach out too, having demonstrated my capabilities, sometimes over the period of a few years!

But what about clients you may be asking? Where do they come in?

Being in a candidate driven market obviously has its advantages when it comes to developing new clients, the main one being that it’s pretty easy! Especially when you’ve been spending most of your time talking to the cream in the market that any client would love to have. The end result client side is you end up attracting the industry’s most desirable clients, as you have the flow of quality they require.

So, for us the client side is all about due diligence, remember, we’ve sometimes spent years activating a candidate, we desperately need to be showing these recruiter’s the very best the market has to offer.

Using this formula, we place circa 80% of the time. Our client and candidate experiences are amazing! Not to mention it’s a lot more fun for us as a company to work in this way.

If you are in a candidate driven market why not give it a try. Map out the top 250 candidates in your market and keep in touch on a regular basis. This has so many side benefits, one of the biggest is the referrals it brings!

For a more in-depth explanation of this process please fell feel to reach out to me directly.

If you’re in recruitment and you’re looking for your next role give us a call and experience the benefits of this approach first hand, and if you’re a client who feels they can offer a great place to work to these great candidates we would be happy to engage!

Article by: Jeff Crudgington, Founding Director of Crudgington Search

Direct: 02039831212

Address: No.1 Royal Exchange, Bank, London, EC3V 3DG

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