Are recruitment researchers the answer to unlocking more recruitment fees?

On average the stats I gathered show 1 in 3 vacancies a recruiter has go unfilled, that a loss of £10k per month

Start-ups and mid-size recruitment agency owners are finding it more challenging to fill specialist and hard to fill roles, because of the time it takes to resource high quality short lists and get them to the client quickly, before a competitor does.

Hard to fill roles are called ‘Hard to fill’ for a reason. It’s because they take a lot more time and effort to search and discover the right candidates, which increases your time and costs to work these roles. In many cases recruiters fail to dedicate the time required to fill these roles and revenues are lost.

Can you remember the last time you registered a role which took you a long time to sift and sort from potential candidates, speaking to a high volume of candidates just to arrive at a short list, and then be too late to fill the role?

In recruitment today everybody needs to be a specialist and there needs to be an alternative way of sourcing candidates much faster.

This is where recruitment researchers come in and are a new type of resource helping SME recruiters to fill these roles by supplying high quality talent shortlists quickly and efficiently in a cost effective way. The cost of an external recruitment research company is often less than hiring a junior resourcer.  The average salary of a resourcer in London is £25k, and if you add in all employer infrastructure costs (employer’s tax, desk space, CRM, telephone, L&D, Jobs Boards, commissions and benefits) it rises to £40k.  The average cost of a using a recruitment research company, made up of ex agency consultants, is around £20k, half that of your resourcer employee.

Recruitment research companies have all the tools in place to find you the right candidates more quickly, with less time and resources wasted.  This allows an SME to grow more quickly by filling more roles and focussing on more client facing activities.

My own recruitment research company, AT Globe Research, has been operating since Feb 2015 and already we have a growing list of agency recruiters. I feel this new resource will become the norm in the future, helping recruiters fill their roles.

By Kay Chouhan – MD of AT Globe Research – IOR Member – Ex Agency Owner and board member for London HR Connections. AT Globe Research is a recruitment research company working with SME recruiters providing them with high quality short lists for specialist hard to fill roles in the UK & internationally.

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