Get ready to evolve: The top job sectors of the future

Here is a run-down of the major categories into which the jobs fall

As we live longer, work later in life, and weather the ups and downs of financial crises, job climates evolve. Take, for example, typing. This career, which was seen as a sure-fire stable job for the future, was ruthlessly wiped out by the rise of affordable personal word processors. Times change, and jobs change with them.

The Irish Independent has recently published a list of the fifty, ‘top jobs of the future’. While much of the list could be foreseen, there are some surprises.


As technology takes a tighter and tighter grip on our lives both inside and outside of work, it’s no surprise that fourteen of the jobs listed by The Irish Independent are technology-based. Software development is slated to continue growing, in addition to the development of big data, cloud computing and more creative professions, such as computer-generated imagery.

However, with the list’s inclusion of data security/privacy maintenance, computer forensics and ethical hackers, it is clear that as our use of technology grows, so must our attention to privacy and safety.

Product design and marketing

Professions that monitor customer wishes and their reaction to new products will continue to thrive. The list included market research analysts/marketing specialists who advise businesses on the best way to deliver products, together with user experience experts and user interface designers. Both of these professions aim to make customers’ use of products and systems as simple and efficient as possible.

Healthcare and Education

Given our ever-extending lifespan, the need for healthcare professionals, and developers of medical equipment, is sure to increase. Becoming a doctor, nurse, occupational therapist or social worker could be a great way of snagging a stable career for the future. Similarly, teachers will always be needed.

Food industry

As populations multiply, so must food yields. Professions that research the production of food, such as food scientists, GM specialists and aquaculture (fish farming) researchers are set to become worth their weight in gold.

Science and Engineering

As with technology, science and engineering are sure bets for the future. The list contains a variety of jobs in these sectors, from anthropologists who study humanity to engineers and environmental scientists, researching natural energy and eco-friendly waste management. As concerns for the health of the planet become graver, jobs in these sectors are bound to become more common.

Homes and Utilities

People will always need a roof over their heads, so jobs connected with maintaining these are likely to be stable. The Irish Independent lists surveyors as a top job of the future, in addition to retrofitters who improve home owners’ energy ratings. Similarly, with the widespread installation of water meters, smart meter specialists are set to become a crucial part of our society. Unsurprisingly, trade professions such as plumbers and builders are also tipped to last well into next century.

Other top professions of the future included priests, undertakers (for obvious reasons), public servants, finance specialists, HR managers, interpreters and hairdressers.

The secret to choosing a job in an industry with staying power is finding one that we can’t live without. We will always need, food, shelter, healthcare and, it seems, a great haircut.

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