Skilled Workmen Have the Upper Hand in Pay

The survey also found that 58% of surveyors will be recruiting more staff to deal with heavy workloads.

Eric Holland, Director of Construction, Now Careers, argues that skilled workmen are now in a position to negotiate with pay scales in response to the published RICS UK Construction Market Survey.

The survey highlighted that the construction industry has seen its fastest growth in 20 years, as 46% more surveyors revealed that their workloads had increased.

The survey also found that 47% of surveyors are expecting to see an increase in profits next year and 58% will be recruiting more staff to deal with heavy workloads.

However, shortage of skilled laborers, along with access to finance and a struggle to source materials were identified as the key reasons for hindering building activity.


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Eric Holland, Director of Construction, Now Careers, said: “The surge in the construction market is no doubt positive, but it remains highly concerning that we are still struggling to supply skilled individuals to support projects on site.

“The value of these laborers should not be underestimated, without skilled FLT’s, bricklayers and laborers, no project can begin to get underway. With the ongoing developments that we have in the Birmingham area, these individuals are most definitely in demand.

“We have already seen that employers are negotiating with pay scales in order to secure skilled workmen for their sites, and if the drought remains this will only continue.”

The lack of bricklayer’s available has become an issue with 71% of respondents struggling to locate enough bricklayers to meet the demand of projects.

The survey found that growth was catalysed by housing developments and commercial projects and prospects for continued growth next year remain positive.

According to the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills report, July 2013, the construction sector contributes almost £90 billion to the UK economy, and accounts for approximately 10% of total UK employment.

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