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How can coffee improve your work day?

In 1615 coffee was declared to be so satisfying that it was given Papal approval when it arrived in Venice

Centuries later, the humble coffee bean has taken over the world; a necessity for the 10% of the global population reliant on it to make a living and the 80% of Brits reliant on it to give them an energy boost.

Coffee is one of the most unifying products in the world, with the ready to drink tea and coffee market expected to be worth an estimated $116.13 billion by 2024.If you didn’t fancy a cup of the good stuff already, here are 8 good reasons to get the kettle on.

1. Coffee breaks help increase workplace productivity

After gaining popularity in WW2, the humble coffee break is known to increase concentration. Coffee breaks taken with colleagues enable a different level of interaction; the more people talk to each other, the more productive they are.

2. Caffeine helps keep your waistline trim

In temporarily putting off hunger pangs, caffeine can also aid in weight control. Although this isn’t enough to shed a dress size after a few cups, this will help with maintaining a healthier metabolism.

3. Reduction in sleep deprivation related stress

Caffeine is proven to help reduce stress levels in those suffering from sleep deprivation, Seoul National University found that rats exposed to coffee aroma created antioxidant proteins which protected nerve cells from stress-related damage.

4. Your colleagues love it as much as you

A 2014 study by Pressat showed that it is likely that you, or someone you know, work in one of the top 10 coffee guzzling industries. Journalists/media staff, police officers, teachers, trade workers and medical staff unsurprisingly fill the top 5 spots, with recruitment and HR also featuring in the top 15.

5. Caffeine can help with pain reduction

The US National Institute of Health conducted a small case study that found a direct link between the consumption of caffeine and the minimisation of pain when the individual was engaging in a low pain exercise such as sitting at a desk.

6. It keeps you alert

As highlighted by advertising agencies the world over, caffeine gives the central nervous system a real boost and can even help keep up productivity levels throughout the day.

7. Coffee could help you live longer

Another study from the US National Institute of Health found a direct correlation between the volume of coffee an individual consumed and risk of death. The researchers determined that the risk of death was reduced as coffee consumption increased.

In comparison with those of both genders who did not consume coffee, people who drank three or more cups per day reduced their risk of death by some 10%.

8. Coffee is an excellent reason to be more social

Whether you are stood in the office kitchen making the drinks for your team, or recruiting colleagues to pop out to the nearest coffee shop to go over a project, coffee drinkers have increased social interaction within the workplace, thus leading to increased productivity.

And perhaps most importantly, coffee drinkers within the workplace are often happier in their jobs!

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