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How a life coach can benefit your business

Prosperous businesses inevitably aim to establish and sustain a cohort of outstanding employees

If the wellbeing and productivity of such staff members is looked after, the benefits to profit projections, a brand’s reputation, business development and crucial employee retention standards are abundant.

However, it has surprisingly been reported that despite the benefits of enhanced employee guidance, mental health in the work place continues to steadily deteriorate. As a result, training schemes and support efforts may require a shift from seemingly disconnected, inefficient and ultimately repetitive programmes – to those designed with employee welfare at their core.

61% of CEOs and managing directors have been reported to believe that mental health in the work place is being sufficiently cared for; however, this is in contrast to statistics which suggest that one in every five employees confess to experiencing a mental health issue over the last year due to work related concerns.

It may therefore be concluded that training courses should include proactive elements such as educating managers on how to spot indicators of poor mental health, along with resilience training to teach employees how to better sustain a positive outlook and good mental health.

It appears very few senior members of staff know how to effectively tackle the topic of mental health with those staff who may express concerns. Therefore, by educating managers you are working to actively create an efficient and sustainable work culture; meeting the demands of employees, developing strong relationships and nurturing steady business growth.

Ben Edwards, a qualified life coach and motivational speaker, outlines below several ways in which a life coach and motivational speaker can assist business owners and managers in their mission to support employees:

1. Providing invaluable inspiration:

Motivation is what influences your employees, maintaining focus and incentives to achieve vital goals. A successful motivational speaker and life coach is capable of boosting morale and passion in your workforce; as their first-hand success stories, performance finesse and advanced understanding of personality types may be applied to trigger the minds of your employees.

2. Reinforcing your company’s vision from a new perspective:

Your company’s vision and goals must be thoroughly examined, in order to prevent complacency and enhance efficiency in an ever-changing corporate world. However, employees may quickly become disengaged with the suggestions and requests of their managers; particularly if these are repeated on several occasions.

Similarly, ideas with regards to how these goals could be met may have generally become stagnant, breeding a lack of progression. Motivational speakers and life coaches act as independent, objective experts who understand the challenges of an evolving environment; their insight can support employees who may be hesitant to change as well as those struggling with pressure to perform – developing more efficient strategies for the business. It appears that sometimes, demands may be listened to simply if they come from someone else.

3. Promoting improved teamwork:

Life coaches and motivational speakers are able to provide an advanced knowledge base with regards to the functionality of relationships, the resolution of workplace conflicts, team building exercises and ultimately – the creation of a supportive company culture.

These experts can improve your employees’ ability to work together and coordinate; leading to enhanced productivity and happiness in the work place.

Should you need assistance motivating or supporting your employees, contact Ben Edwards:

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