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How to create your own job

Are you sitting at your desk with yet another cup of coffee after completing your tenth job application for the day?

If so, then you’re far from alone in today’s society, where there can often be hundreds if not thousands of people competing for a single job.

However, from the recruiter’s point of view most job applications simply do not stand out, and many of them could be missing key information that is required to get the candidate to the interview stage.

But imagine if you could get your foot in the door in a different way. Sometimes a job applicant can stand out from the crowd so much that even if there isn’t currently a suitable role for them a company may be so impressed that they jeep the job seeker’s CV on file until an appropriate position becomes vacant.

Below are a few pointers for how to set yourself apart from other candidates vying for the same job and how to create your own position.

1. In an ideal world, what would you really love to do? Keep this in mind and write a job specification for the perfect job for you and the company that you would most love to work for. If you’re more of a visual person then why not create a mood board showing the activities you would love to be doing in your new role?

2. What are your best skills and what are the things that really set you apart? It’s a common issue to be too modest and self-deprecating on CVs and job applications, so why not ask the opinion of someone you trust and ask them to list what they consider to be your top qualities?

3. List the job titles that encapsulate the role that you would most love to be doing. Search current job listings for similarities, taking into account the kind of organisation you wish to work for. For example, an Officer, Associate or Assistant could all be a similar role in different companies.

4. Is there anyone who is already doing the job that you would like to have who you could connect with? Contact them to ask for advice on how to land a similar role and also to find out more about what they consider to be the pros and cons of their position.

5. Network and speak to people about your future career. Someone may know someone who can offer you the role that you’re looking for. You don’t know until you ask!

6. Professional organisations can also be a useful way of getting your foot in the door and also for providing extra training. These can be found by searching the web and perhaps joining the organisation.

7. If you have little or no experience in your future role, is it something that you can do on a voluntary basis for the time being? There are a number of charities who require voluntary help, and this will also enhance your CV as well as give back to the community.

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