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Total introvert? These could be the ideal jobs for you

There are many positive qualities of an introverted personality, such as a dedicated work ethic

Would you class yourself as an introvert? If so, then you make think that there are some careers that are just not suited to your personality. However, there are many positive qualities of an introverted personality, such as a dedicated work ethic and a desire to see projects through to the end, which can make you perfect for a wide variety of roles. Below are 15 jobs ideally suited to introverts.

– Craftsman or fine artist

For those with the right skills, this is an ideal career. Artists and craftsmen have the creativity and talent to make a profit from selling their own designs or creations, such as in pottery, glassware, ceramics, textiles and paintings.

– Forensic science technician

This is the behind-the-scenes role in the laboratory rather than the more well-known role familiar from TV crime dramas where a technician attends the scene of the crime.

– Photographer

A photographer has a very special way of looking at the world and telling a story. Studio work is still very popular and may suit the introvert more than a field-based role such as a wedding photographer.

– Conservation scientist and forester

If you would like to spend some time in nature and helping to look after the planet, then this could be the ideal role for you.

– Writer

Writing is the archetypal solitary job. Although writers usually have agents and sometimes give talks and take part in book signings, most of their work is carried out at home in a quiet space.

– Airline and commercial pilot

As a pilot you will be able to travel and see exotic places. Depending on what type of aircraft you wish to fly you may need a degree and will certainly require a licence and many hours of training.

– Film and video editor

The behind-the-scenes work in film and TV suits those who like to work on their own and with great attention to detail.

– Political scientist

In this field of employment, you would be researching and analysing political trends and government policies. It is an office-based research role and the usual method of entry is by master’s degree.

– Legal assistant

Legal assistants conduct research and maintain files in a law office. This is usually a good career choice for graduates.

– Graphic designer

This is a career for the exceptionally creative individual. You will need to communicate with clients, but essentially work independently and is often a flexible role suited to those who want to work from home.

– Technical writer

A technical writer produces manuals and documents for products such as computer software or machinery.

– Accountant

Another graduate profession, accountants work mainly on their own analysing numbers and examining company records.

– Computer programmer

This could suit you if you have always enjoyed sitting behind a computer screen. You would be producing readable instructions for computer software programs.

– Market research analyst

Most of this work is carried out independently, although you may be required to make presentations. You would be collecting information to help determine the sales potential of services and products.

– Translator

Translators work with written documents, unlike interpreters, who translate verbally as the dialogue is taking place. Fluency in the given language is essential.

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