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Workplace architecture trends set to hit in 2019

Teams can excel in a healthy and energising environment when they collaborate in a shared space

The significance of an identifiable and unique workplace is becoming more obvious across most industries and is a far cry from what it was a few years ago. Office designs and workplace areas now revolve around positivity and mindfulness and are designed to focus on creating a pleasant experience, promoting creativity and connectivity for both staff and clients.

Some notable architecture trends in the workplace for 2019 are:

No defined offices or work cubicles

Since the business world has expanded its horizons over the internet, people are always connected and work can take place anywhere, and at any time. Many companies now focus on the comfort of interaction and easy connection, so defined offices and private work cubicles are not the way forward. Rather, the spotlight is trained on creating a welcoming and interactive space.

More space to collaborate and meet

Hot-desking creates collaborative spaces for people to meet, work as a team and discuss business matters without any boundaries. Many office spaces have converted previously unused spaces such as large reception areas to install hot desks, cafés and conversation booths to create the ideal environment for collaboration.

Mindfulness, health and wellbeing incorporated

Businesses appreciate the importance of healthy, happy staff who perform at their best. As a result, they now put a lot more thought into the workspace they make available, including the air quality, spaces to relax and access to resources such healthy food, exercise and therapy. Variations in desk designs also offer opportunities to alternate between sitting, standing and reclining while working or meeting.

Far more thought is also given to lighting and air conditioning systems to mimic the seasons and outside environment in order to provide optimum comfort and natural adjustment.

Interior design

There is a conscious effort going into decorating offices to be more authentic, bespoke and homely in order to create a comfortable and creative workspace. This requires far more than adding a few pieces of antique furniture or art, in some cases involving looking at older or previously unused buildings and giving them a new purpose.

Bringing the outdoors indoors

Complementing the focus on bringing more natural light and cleaner air into office spaces, there is also a trend to bring more of nature indoors as well. Adding potted plants, having a living wall and even indoor shrubs and green moss areas are all ways of creating a greener workspace and bringing people closer to nature.

We can’t get away from the fact that most people are working in a portable digital world, no matter what their physical location may be and it is evident that mobile working is becoming the norm. This suggests that many of today’s physical workplaces are on exactly the right track. Today’s innovative architecture and interior design trends focus more on being intuitive, adaptable and comfortable to promote creativity, productivity and well-being.

As a result, teams can excel in a healthy and energising environment when they do decide to come together and collaborate in a shared space.

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