Employees are four times times happier in their career if they sleep well

Lack of sleep making people unhappy and demotivated at work, says new survey

Employees who get a better quality of sleep each night are happier in their job and more positive when they wake, a new survey from Time4Sleep has revealed.

Respondents were asked to rate their quality of sleep, career satisfaction and outlook on life, revealing a link between job contentedness and good nightly sleep.

Of all respondents who said they were happy in their careers, 40% rated their sleep quality between eight and ten. In comparison, only 9% of those who are happy in their careers rated their sleep between one and three.

Sound sleepers are also more motivated in the office. 49% of those who rated their motivation at work above eight also rated their sleep quality the same. In contrast, only 3% of sleepers rating sleep quality less than three rated their motivation at work in the same bracket.

Better sleepers are also driven by a more positive mood when they wake up. Nearly half (49%) of respondents who said they wake up with a positive attitude rated their sleep above eight, compared to just 7% below three.

To explore what might be damaging the sleep quality of UK residents, the survey also asked respondents what activities they regularly undertake before going to sleep.

Almost half of all respondents who watch Netflix or TV before bed get less than seven hours of sleep a night (49%). More than one in five (22%) get five hours or less.

With smartphones and tablet users, almost half of people surveyed were found to get less than seven hours rest a night (48%), with nearly a quarter (24%) getting five hours or less.

Sleep expert Dr. Katharina Lederle explained the link between sleeping well and enjoying your work: “Having enough sleep directly affects your concentration, memory, problem-solving skills and your ability to regulate your emotions.

“It also helps you regulate other physiological systems such as your appetite which can also promote productivity at work because you are not distracted by hunger pangs.”

Bed and mattress provider Time4Sleep asked 2,000 UK residents about a variety of sleep habits and asked them to rate their quality of sleep, career satisfaction and outlook on life on a scale of one to ten. For more from the survey, plus comment from a number of sleep experts, head to the Time4Sleep blog.

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