What is so special about England?

Being in England can’t be compared to anything in this world

I believe that all of us had on our bucket list to visit England. They are one of the most famous tourist centres in the world. But besides football, fish n’ chips and the red phone cabins, what are those great things that make us love England?

Their culture, history, art, architecture, and tourist attractions are something remarkable and unique. Being in England can’t be compared to anything in this world. Each building and painting has its history. And not just the physical things, but the British humour, the people’s passion for the royal family, makes that place even more special. In this article, we will elaborate on some of the most remarkable things in England. So next time when you’re visiting the place you will know what to look for.


Let’s go back in time a bit, and we will see that England’s art was among the best. And not just they were one of the most wanted artists, but they also made an influence on the art. During the 20th-century British painters made a significant impact in changing the course of painting’s history. The British artists were the first to start painting experiences and visions, which were pretty rare in those days. Some of the most important innovations were the way they portrayed the human body and the redefinition of the space.

Knowing all these facts, it’s no wonder that England has that many museums. Some of the most famous ones can be found in England. But they are present in contemporary art as well. Just think about Banksy, who reformed street art and sent powerful messages with his graffiti.

TV and Film

England has some pretty famous pieces of art in literature, and now England’s TV and film industry is also rising. Have you know that the BBC is the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation, not to mention that it has some of the most amazing dramas and original shows worldwide and well worth a watch. There are very few series fans that haven’t heard about shows likeThe White Queen, Downton Abbey, Killing Eve, The Office, etc.


At the East End of London, during the start of the twentieth century, numerous Chinese foreigners ran to London and set about making organisations as an approach to take into account the crowds of Chinese mariners who frequented the docklands territory.

All things considered, because of the World War II Blitz, an enormous inflow of workers from Hong Kong, and development in prominence of Chinese cooking, numerous Chinese cafés opened somewhere else. Today, that territory of England is one of the most-visited parts, where the best Chinese cooking styles can be discovered merely off Shaftesbury Avenue.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Madame Tussaud’s is a well-known waxworks exhibition hall made by the wax sculptress Marie Tussaud. The primary Madame Tussaud‘s exhibition hall, which opened in 1884, is situated on Allsop Street, Marleybone, London, however, there is presently an assortment of different branches inside various urban areas around the world.

The historical centre hosts similar figures, including regal individuals, film stars, sports stars, models, and notorious killers. A large segment of the cellar, known as The Chamber of Horrors, highlights recorded characters from the French Revolution, for example, Robespierre, Marat, King Louis XVI, and Marie Antoinette, every one of whom were displayed by Ms Tussaud herself upon their passing or execution.

Special vehicles

When you think about England, the first thing you see before you are the double-decker red buses. If you ever go to England, you should go on a bus like that. Also, we have to mention England’s special taxies that became so popular that are one of England’s brand marks. Those vehicles can be found in a miniature version in every souvenir shop, or you can also find them as nanoblock toys.

Historic Buildings

England’s houses and buildings are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Those extravagant buildings are part of the English national identity, along with the Royal Family, the industrial revolution, and the famed ‘cup of tea’. Besides the attractive design, those buildings represent traditional values, history, and much more.

With a long history of monarchy, wars, and periods of enormous development, England has got a large variety of buildings. Just to name a few, there is the: All Saints, Manchester Liverpool Road Railway Station, St George’s Hall, Palace of Westminster, Rievaulx Abbey, Buckingham Palace. So next time you visit England and see one of these places make sure to read about their history. You will appreciate the building even more.

The Royal Family

England still belongs to those few countries that still have a monarchy. And no soul on earth hasn’t heard about the Queen of England. We all love her, and if you’re visiting England, you can see her face on every single corner in a boutique shop, so there is no England without the Royal Family.  However, the country is controlled by the prime minister, and parliament, so the royal family doesn’t have as much authority as they had back in the days.

Food and Drink

As you saw in the previous paragraphs, Britain is a multicultural nation. And this can also be tasted. England has a wide variety of restaurants which implies a wide range of cooking styles here going from Italian, Indian, and Chinese to Thai and Caribbean. But the English gastronomy is also something remarkable. Nobody can make fish n’ chips like the British people, and the atmosphere in an English pub is something phenomenal. So between two programs make sure to try out some of these places.

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