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The Votes Are in: Simon Cowell’s the One to Advance Your Career

Workplace mentors are in demand and Simon has the X-Factor

Simon Cowell has the mentoring ‘X-Factor’ according to UK professionals, who are demanding increased access to mentors in the workplace.

Despite fans of the hit show dubbing Simon as Mr. Nasty, it appears the controversial judge’s honesty is what makes him the UK’s favourite mentor as revealed by a recent study.

CV-Library conducted research amongst a cross-section of over 4,000 UK employees to uncover how they feel about workplace mentors. Findings revealed that employee needs are underserved when it comes to career guidance, and it’s clear that Simon Cowell is the UK’s mentor of choice as workers respect an honest approach from a veteran professional:

  • 94.1% of UK workers believe that mentoring schemes are valuable to their career progression
  • Despite this, only 24.8% of professionals are currently offered a mentor by their employer
  • Over half of UK workers (54.5%) listed Simon Cowell as their first choice for a workplace mentor when ranked against his X-Factor peers
  • Nick Grimshaw came in last with 42% admitting they would avoid him altogether!
  • When asked who would help advance their careers the fastest, even more professionals voted for Simon with 73.9% putting their faith in his abilities
  • However it’s not all about career success, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini comes in at the top with 30% of votes when asked who would be the best to work with in an office

“It’s clear that workers want more guidance in their careers and they seek that support from someone who has proven success,” comments Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library. “Nick and Rita have been left behind in favour of their more seasoned colleagues, as workers admit they’d prefer a mentor with solid experience in their field.”

Luckily it’s not all bad news for the X-Factor’s youngest judge, Rita Ora, as the survey also revealed that employees are more than happy to be mentored by someone younger than them – 72.9% of workers said they’d be comfortable with the situation.

X-Factor judge Rita Ora

X-Factor judge Rita Ora

Biggins adds, “This time of year the X-Factor bug sweeps the nation, but all fun aside, the show brings to light the important role a mentor plays in one’s career. It’s disappointing to learn that mentor schemes are so rare across the UK – just as hopefuls on the show need support to develop into successful artists, UK workers need guidance at all stages of their career to foster growth and continued success. Whether you look for a mentor at work or elsewhere, take a career tip from the X-Factor and find yourself a Simon Cowell!”

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