West Midlands youngsters get a glimpse of future jobs

What will jobs be like twenty years from now? Will designers work from hover-desks? Could engineers be repairing fusion engines?

Will designers work from hover-desks? Could engineers be repairing fusion engines? Or will pharmacists 3D print your nano-medicine?

Not necessarily – but designers, engineers and pharmacists are listed as some of the West Midlands’ “jobs of the future” in a report published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and Find A Future.

Careers of the Future – West Midlands aims to sort careers fact from fiction. Using the latest data and analysis, it highlights jobs that provide a mix of opportunity, reward and long-term potential, coming up with 40 jobs which experts believe are likely to provide significant opportunities in the West Midlands over the next 20 years.

Ranging from project managers to nursery workers, pharmacists to web developers, the report also helps young people understand the range of careers open to them, and signposts sources of further information.

The report will be launching at Birmingham’s NEC today, as part of the Skills Show – which sees over 70,000 young people with a chance to get hands-on with employers and learn about the range of careers open to them.

Alan Volkaerts, Board Director for the Greater Birmingham & Sollihull LEPsaid:

“Taking your first steps into the world of work has never been easy, but the current pace of change makes it even more complex. Jobs are continuously changing in terms of the tasks, skills and qualifications required.

“Whilst this is pretty exciting, it’s not surprising that young people and those who advise them can find it all a bit bewildering. That’s where this report comes in. It uses some of the most up to date data available to give up to date and practical information about which jobs are likely to present good opportunities.

“This is the first time information like this has been so readily available at a regional level, and whilst it’s not a substitute for work experience or face to face advice, I hope it marks the beginning of some very rewarding careers for young people in our area.”

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