Great at work? This is why you’re not getting promoted

Your boss doesn't want you to ask for more money

Do you work hard in your job but haven’t yet nailed down that promotion you’ve been dreaming about? Then you’re probably desperately trying to figure how what you’ve done (or didn’t do) for your boss to pass you over. The chances are, it’s nothing to do with your work ethic. Read on to discover the real reasons why you’re not getting promoted.

Your boss doesn’t want you to ask for more money

Some managers worry that if they acknowledge an employee’s hard work or talents, he or she will ask for more money. It’s possible that your boss simply doesn’t have the budget required to pay you more, or that they don’t want to ask their own boss for more cash to reward a high-performing member of the team. The problem is, this could end up costing the company a whole lot more than your raise would have cost if you decide to move on.

Your hard work has simply become expected of you

If you’ve been in your current job for a while, it’s likely that your boss has simply stopped noticing your contribution. They have started to take your hard work for granted, which can be dangerous for both you and the company you work for. After all, you wouldn’t be the first employee to leave their job because they no longer feel valued or appreciated.

Once your efforts are no longer being recognised at work, it could be time to touch base with some recruitment firms. You don’t have to be a bit player forever, and there’s a role out there that’s tailor made for your skills and expertise.

You’re outshining somebody – and they don’t like it

One of the most common reasons that top performers get overlooked for promotions at work is that their excellent results threaten someone around them who is in a position to reward and recognise their hard work. This person could be your own boss, your boss’s boss or someone else who has the power to put an obstacle on your path to promotion.

Jealousy and fear are almighty emotions, and so it’s possible that you’re being overlooked because someone in your work environment doesn’t like your growing flame.

If you’re no longer receiving the appropriate compensation for the work you do, there’s no shame in wanting to investigate the employment market. There are plenty of jobs out there to investigate, so why not begin your search now? You could be working someone else by summer, in a role that’s better suited to your ability and the contributions you make on a daily basis.

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