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Is HR still relevant in today’s employment market?

HR departments been facilitating the creation of roles and recruiting employees into these roles since the modern world of corporate work commenced

It is a given for most workers seeking out improved career opportunities that the HR department is the only reliable route; however, more and more people are realising that there are potentially more effective ways to secure their dream role.

The HR industry is a well-oiled wheel of productivity. Recruiters are paid to advertise roles and process applicants, sorting through CVs to identify positive candidates, while job seekers are encouraged to submit endless applications in the hope of beating off the competition to land their perfect job.

On the other side of the recruitment pipeline, companies outsource the majority of their HR processes to dedicated firms devoted to recruitment across industries. This is a tried and tested formula that works for HR firms and the organisations that outsource to them; however, it may not be effective for the job seekers.

In today’s competitive environment, firms are deluged with applicants for every role. Graduates flood the market each year, doing everything in their power to attract recruiters to their CV; similarly, people seeking out more advantageous career pathways are recognising the value of ongoing training and development to heighten their prospects through outstanding applications. This means that competition is high for the majority of roles, with HR teams having to do very little to attract outstanding candidates.

Given this competition, savvy job seekers are realising that the HR mill of recruitment and placement may not be the most effective route to improved job success. The application and interview process is rigorous, while online advertising and application capabilities mean there are more candidates applying for key roles than ever before. What do you need to do to cut out the HR middle man?

  • The first step is to make your CV reflect your real self. Traditional CVs are purely business-like, with no indication of the personality behind the profile. Pep up a tired resume with personal details to bring your profile alive.
  • Approach target employers directly and make an impression. Shortlist your dream organisations and take the time to contact them – as positions come up, your approach will be remembered.
  • Write letters specifically for the manager you are approaching, tailoring the content to your ideal role. Recognise the issues the department may have and articulate how you could resolve these issues if hired.
  • Cut out the HR middleman. If an ideal position is advertised, contact the firm directly, whenever possible, to discuss the opportunity rather than simply submitting your resume to the recruitment agency.
  • Leverage the power of social media to make your presence known. Develop an outstanding professional brand for yourself using Facebook, LinkedIn and top recruitment sites. Each time a firm searches for its ideal candidate in your industry, your brand is immediately available.

By being proactive, targeting opportunities and developing your brand, you can effectively render HR departments obsolete; in effect, you can become your own recruitment agency.

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