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Why HR is about so much more than hiring and firing

Here are just a few of the things HR departments do that go beyond managing employees

When business leaders think of their human resources department, they probably envisage a team that deals solely with hiring, firing and employee-related matters; however, HR is evolving and becoming so much more. Failing to understand the value that an upcoming HR team can bring to the company means business owners could be missing out on opportunities to utilise some real talent.

Growing the company

Many business leaders turn to their HR teams when it comes to facilitating recruitment needs, company policies or employee disputes; however, they might not necessarily realise that the HR team can be actively involved in growing the business and having an input into important business decisions. HR teams have access to historical data, company trends and scalability of the business in the future; therefore, management should utilise all this important information and bring HR teams into the fold when looking at the best ways to progress the company.

Sophisticated recruitment

The foundations of HR revolve around people, with recruitment obviously a big part of HR; however, this is about more than simply hiring another employee.

New age, forward-thinking HR reps possess the skills and knowledge to assign exactly the right candidate to the right position. It is not just about checking through resumes and ticking off key interview questions – HR teams are now required to consider how an individual will fit into the company culture, identify raw talent and quickly analyse the right balance between compliance and personality. A killer workforce is the backbone of any company and HR can add real value in this way.

Data-based knowledge

People often wrongly assume that because HR centres around people, it is less to do with data and statistics and more to do with gut feelings and connections. This is not always the case, with many HR teams using data and other measurable strategies to assess company trends. This information may be of use to you – don’t dismiss it.

Valuable staff

The right HR leader will have the people skills to create a happy and harmonious workplace. One of their duties is to deal with workplace disputes, which can be precarious ground; however, correctly dealing with employee issues and thus creating a positive working environment is one of the most important things the HR team can hope to achieve.

The HR team’s work is invaluable. Happy staff are productive staff and a great HR team will work hard to ensure that your employees feels empowered and valued while working within company policy.

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