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Research reveals the 10 highest director level salaries

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the highest paying companies are in the financial services sector

Job site Glassdoor has released research ranking UK companies based on their salaries for director level jobs. The site used data collated over the last three years and users could submit their salary information without risking confidentiality.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the highest paying companies are in the financial services sector; what is more, all the organisations on this list are based in the City. This proves what most of us already felt in our bones – the City is still the place to be if you are aiming for six figures. Here are the top 10:

1. Deutsche Bank

  • Median base salary: £126,000
  • Industry: Banking

Despite some unflattering lawsuits darkening its doorstep in the recent past, Deutsche Bank occupies the top spot as far as generous salaries are concerned.

2. Barclays

  • Median base salary: £125,000
  • Industry: Banking

A true British institution, the 330-year-old bank comes in a close second. As with the other banks and financial institutions on this list, the figure represents the basic salary, exclusive of bonuses and perks. With the addition of these income-boosting extras, working for one of the City giants looks very attractive indeed.

3. JP Morgan

  • Median base salary: £123,383
  • Industry: Banking

Of the stateside banks to feature on Glassdoor’s list, JP Morgan ranks the highest. Like Barclays, it has hundreds of years of history behind it and the extremely generous bonuses and stocks put it up there as one of the most lucrative firms to work for.


  • Median base salary: £120,000
  • Industry: Banking

Believed to be Europe’s most asset-rich bank, HSBC rewards its team generously and the bonuses are something to write home about.

5. Morgan Stanley

  • Median base salary: £115,000
  • Industry: Banking

US- based banks are famed for their heady promises of riches for ambitious company climbers and its average director’s salary in London is impressive.

6. PwC

  • Median base salary: £115,000
  • Industry: Accounting

Morgan Stanley, PwC is another of the Big Four city banks in which directors can earn four times the average British salary, even before bonuses.

7. EY

  • Median base salary: £110,000
  • Industry: Accounting

Ernst and Young has over 231,000 staff worldwide. At these salaries, it is no wonder it is a popular choice.

8. BlackRock

  • Median base salary: £102,070
  • Industry: Asset management

The only one of its kind on the list, BlackRock has $5.2tn (£4.2tn) in assets.


  • Median base salary: £102,000
  • Industry: Accounting

Employing 190,000 people worldwide and hauling in a revenue of $25bn per annum, it is no surprise to see that salaries at this giant of the finance world are so high.

10. Oracle

  • Median base salary: £97,440
  • Industry: Technology

The only non-financial company on the list, Oracle director level staff nevertheless command an impressive salary.

Although Glassdoor researchers have found that salary is a primary consideration for most job applicants, it is not related to long-term job satisfaction. Promises of a handsome salary may hook you in; however, a positive employment culture with prospects of career progression and trust in senior leadership will make you stay.

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