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Ten jobs to die for: careers with the highest suicide rates

Most jobs can be stressful at some time; however, there are careers that are renowned for sending people over the edge

Here are the top ten professions with the dubious accolade of having the highest rates of suicide.

10. Scientists

The demanding workload of many scientists and the pressure to discover, innovate and publish their findings ahead of the competition can put them under immense pressure. Add to this the potential to find harmful elements within their research and it is easy to see why some scientists feel compelled to take their own lives.

9. Police officers

Police officers are prone to depression due to the long hours they often work and the type of events and people they must deal with. Working at the sharp end of society can often have devastating effects, leading to higher suicide rates than average.

8. Stockbrokers

Stockbrokers may seem to lead charmed lives, but even significant financial rewards cannot always compensate for pressure faced on a daily basis. By its very nature, the stock market is volatile and this can lead to a rollercoaster of emotions for stockbrokers under pressure to deliver for investors.

7. Estate agents

Working in real estate can bring high rewards and high risks. Competition and market conditions can lead to stressful times for estate agents, pushing up the suicide rates.

6. GPs

Excessive demands on their time and attention can lead to depression among GPs and, as many refuse to seek help to protect their reputations, suicide can be the result.

5. Farmers

Farmers can enjoy very fulfilling and profitable periods, but stress is a real risk given the potential for severe financial losses caused by bad weather, diseases, natural calamities, poor market conditions and even sabotage.

4. Lawyers

Suicide is chosen by all kinds of lawyers seeking to escape the stress of their working lives. This could be caused by the pressure of defending clients in criminal cases or preparing policies in corporate cases over excessively long working hours.

3. Construction managers

Construction site managers can find themselves under immense pressure as the result of short timelines, limited budgets, and the demands of managing a large team.

2. Surgeons

From making it through medical school and their residency to dealing with the demands of being a practicing surgeon, it is not hard to understand the amount of stress that some surgeons can find themselves under. There is also the risk of losing patients during surgery, which can lead to devastating depression in certain cases.

1. Chiropractors

Chiropractors are particularly at risk of being the subject of lawsuits bought by clients due to the sensitive nature of the job. This can lead to huge amounts of stress, not to mention mountains of bills and paperwork, and send some chiropractors into the depths of despair.

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