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6 resolutions every HR professional must implement in 2017

With the first quarter down, are you still struggling with old HR practices? Well, as they say, better late than never

HR professionals still have a chance to replace the ineffective strategies and make their workplace more productive. 

A competitive, healthy and engaging work culture is what every HR professional strives for. But this seemingly simple goal has multiple layers to it.

Outdated practices can do more harm than good as they cannot keep up with the evolving demands of constantly changing work scenarios.

Listed below are 6 resolutions which are sure to offer HR professionals a solid path to organizational success in 2017.

1. Incorporating Employee Wellness

Individuals today are increasingly looking for work places which can offer them a good work-life balance.

Also, companies offering wellness programs understand that such initiatives are directly related to employee engagement and improved productivity.

If your company does not have any type of wellness programs, you should definitely plan and implement one which comprises diverse aspects, so as to engage each and every employee.

2. Restructure Hiring and On-boarding for Better Results

One of the most prominent roles of HR is to hire and on-board interested candidates appropriately. With changing time, hiring processes have evolved to a great extent.

Advanced technologies like an Applicant Tracking System or ATS, can simplify the complicated and intensive process of hiring.

From streamlining every step of recruiting to mobile options – ATS is a holistic tool which helps HR professionals create positive candidate experience and acquire A+ talent for their organization.

On-boarding is also vital as assuring the new recruits that their role is valuable, ensures that they blend well and stay with the company for long.

3. Enhance Employee Engagement by Assessing their Needs

A well-structured survey which invites employee feedback regarding the organizational processes shows that the organization values its workforce.

The outcomes of such surveys help HR professionals analyze the efficacy of policy and processes, and make them better.

A follow up survey should also be conducted to understand whether the corrections implemented are delivering expected results in terms of employee satisfaction and engagement or not.

Because, when employees feel engaged, they deliver their best.

4. Work on the Positives

It is always important to take feedback regarding what works and what doesn’t in your HR policies.

But at the same time it is essential to not get distracted or bogged down by unconstructive criticism, and focus on the positive factors which can actually help you perform better.

This concept of working on the positives holds true when it comes to interacting with employees as well.

Constructive, genuine and timely feedback is a major contributor in building a positive environment for employees.

5. Make Technology Work for You

Streamlining HR processes can expedite work immensely. Technology is your best support system for achieving this.

There are numerous tools available today which can help HR professionals perform better and achieve more by simplifying their processes.

For instance, a comprehensive and convenient technology such as ATS addresses every aspect of the hiring process, effectively.

6. Never Stop Learning

Like any other field, Human Resources is also tremendously and constantly evolving. You would be far from achieving your professional goals if you only depend on ‘safe’ strategies just because they have always worked.

Aim to question, explore, observe and experiment to gain new and valuable insights. Only constant learning will help you develop suitable and successful plans for desired results.

The resolutions stated above to revamp the HR practices, will help you fulfill your professional goals exceptionally well, and will enable you to achieve new milestones of success for your organization in 2017.

Written by Kelly Barcelos – a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team.

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