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Why the government’s apprenticeship target is great news for skilled trade professionals

A target has been set that aims to see at least three million new people starting in apprenticeships by 2020

There is a huge shortage of trade professionals such as electricians and plumbers in the UK, and this is regularly reported in the media. So there is no surprise that the topic has secured a high position on the strategic agenda in Downing Street. A target has been set that aims to see at least three million new people starting in apprenticeships by 2020.

Clearly, this is a fantastic opportunity for lots of young people leaving education and starting their careers, but it has also opened up new and rewarding opportunities for those already experienced in their trade to get involved in the development of these new apprentices.

Firms such as JTL provide training in the workplace, and the demand for this is evidenced by the fact that it is now working with more than 3,000 businesses. Specialists such as JTL are setting exacting standards, with only ten percent of all applicants being accepted onto their apprenticeships. Out of those accepted, an impressive 80 percent pass their course, whereas nationally, the pass rate for students learning in the workplace averages at 60 percent.

There are numerous reasons for this success. In recent years, there have been increasing numbers of school and college leavers choosing to enter the workplace to gain an income whilst learning instead of attending university, and specialist providers are attracting the best of these candidates onto their programmes. There has also been a big injection of government money to ensure more apprenticeships are available. Perhaps more importantly, the tutors who train the apprentices are having a huge impact on the success of students.

Unsurprisingly, businesses such as JTL are growing and expanding rapidly and are constantly searching for new and talented tutors and training officers to join their teams. There are lots of reasons for experienced professionals to consider these roles, such as flexibility, a company pension and additional benefits such as membership of BUPA and life insurance. In a fast-paced and competitive environment, training specialists will continue to invest heavily in the development of their professionals.

Being a tutor is an incredibly varied role. A tutor will be involved in all stages of the apprentice journey. From the early stages of helping to assess and identify aspiring apprentices, to assisting and supporting them once in the role, ensuring that they have everything they need to flourish and achieve to the best of their ability. Another side of the role includes building positive relationships with local business owners that are potential future employers.

On the whole, it is a role that can have an incredibly positive impact on the lives of the apprentices, as well as the local employers and, of course, the tutors themselves. For any trade professional looking for their next exciting career move, an opportunity with a reputable training specialist is well worth considering.

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