How to recruit better teachers into roles

The following are a number of key tips to help find and attract the perfect candidate

First, consider where and how you advertise the role. The obvious starting point is your school website and any social media you use but recruitment websites can be valuable far-reaching resources and remember to utilise the government teaching job vacancy website. In addition, investigate any specific local resources (particularly if you are in a small town or rural area) such as county recruitment or news websites.

The job advert will be crucial. Think carefully about the attraction of your school or area and potential opportunities for candidates. However, make sure that any challenges are addressed and explained so that applications are received from those who are suitable for the position.

It is vital to remember that this is very much a two-way process. A positive and personal welcome during the interview process can make all the difference for a candidate when it comes to accepting a role. Don’t worry about sticking resolutely to an old fashioned and formal interview and think about the end-to-end experience for potential staff from the moment they arrive in the school. A tour from the headteacher and meeting potential colleagues could be a great start.

Try and be realistic in your requirements. It may be difficult to find somebody who ticks every single box but a keen, motivated staff member could soon catch up in any areas in which they may be lacking. If you are able to support trainee teachers, then consider contacting a local PGCE or SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teacher Training) provider or alternatively think about developing your own staff or by working with schemes such as Teach First.

It is important to have clarity as to the sort of person you need in the position. Finding someone compatible with your needs is clearly crucial. This may be a personality that will work well with existing staff or alternatively it might be somebody with some different and potentially challenging ideas to help you make some changes.

Be prepared to work with your trusted colleagues in making the recruitment decisions and to challenge your own preconceptions. Sometimes the quietest teacher can command the greatest respect from both their peers and their students.

The ideal candidate will be a person who realises that a working day for a teacher reaches beyond the times at which pupils are present and who is thus prepared for that work. However, it is equally important to find someone who is able to maintain a work-life balance to mitigate any risk of burnout. Ideally, this round of recruitment will result in the hiring of a reliable staff member who can provide a valuable, consistent contribution to the school for a long time to come. Good luck!

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