Bullhorn Announces Sales CRM Offering to Help Recruiting Agencies Drive Top-line Growth

Bullhorn’s new CRM offering for sales is ideal for firms looking to implement and manage a consistent sales process.

Bullhorn Sales CRM is purpose-built for staffing and recruiting sales teams to improve productivity and drive revenue growth

Bullhorn®, the global leader in customer relationship management software for the staffing and recruiting industries, today announced Bullhorn Sales CRM, a new solution that enables recruiting agencies to manage the full lifecycle of their sales process—from pipeline to placement—to drive revenue growth and improve sales process efficiency. The new Sales CRM offering, combined with interactive dashboards and best practice templates, will be available in Q4 2014.

The economic downturn of 2009 radically shifted the landscape for staffing and recruiting companies, and as a result, the contingent workforce has doubled in the last five years. To staff appropriately despite the changing economic conditions, large employers are increasingly relying on VMS, recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO), statement of work, and other workforce business models to reduce their overall spending. As the hiring practices of these large buyers change, many staffing firms are looking to adapt to these changes through better insight into client buying practices and more efficient sales efforts that are aligned with their clients’ changing models.

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Bullhorn’s new CRM offering for sales is ideal for firms looking to implement and manage a consistent sales process across their organisations in response to these market changes. The new offering helps firm standardise their sales methodology around best practices to increase the productivity of their sales teams, deepen and improve the profitability of their customer relationships, and drive revenue growth. Both full-desk and split-desk staffing and recruiting agencies can leverage Bullhorn’s sales CRM offering to roll out a more programmatic approach to sales execution.

For many staffing and recruiting agencies, increasing sales productivity – which is what the vast majority of CRM systems attempt to address – is only half of the battle. Nurturing and maintaining relationships that result in job placements are vital to staffing success. However, customer relationships in the staffing industry can be difficult to manage – often with a high number of touch-points between the customer and the agency, lengthy and unpredictable relationship durations, significant expectations for high-touch delivery and support, and changing payment models.

Bullhorn addresses these challenges with a tightly integrated recruiting software system that helps recruiting agencies manage the sales process in context with the overall customer relationship. Ultimately, forecasting the likelihood that an opportunity will close doesn’t tell the whole story if the CRM system does not also forecast the likelihood of each job order closing. Only a CRM system purpose-built for staffing – with an integrated applicant tracking system like Bullhorn’s offering – can facilitate the management of the sales team’s activities, the overall customer relationship, and job order outcomes.

“Clients and candidates are equally responsible for the success of our organisation, but we were not investing equally in the quality of our client-side processes and data collection,” said Wendy Kennah, Director of Recruiting at Procom, a Bullhorn Sales CRM beta customer. “Bullhorn CRM has provided us with insight into our client data, and in a few short weeks we have been able to improve our sales processes, the quality of our data, and in return have driven net new sales.”

“With Bullhorn Sales CRM, staffing firms can now look beyond sourcing and placement to drive business growth. Staffing firms are looking to understand their clients’ businesses better and to align delivery with changing client needs, and our new capabilities will provide true visibility into sales opportunities and alignment with delivery,” said Art Papas, Founder and CEO of Bullhorn. “We’re in the business of helping our customers grow rapidly and sustainably, and our purpose-built sales CRM offering enables firms to capture new client opportunities, to close the loop between sales and recruiting, and to drive top-line revenue growth. Bullhorn Sales CRM is a game-changer for high-growth staffing agencies.”

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